Having one of the most beautiful countries in the world as your central theme in your inner decorations can put you at a massive advantage in terms of style and aesthetics. SwitzerlRead moreand posters by Photowall give your home, office or recreational space that little extra it needs, or will need. This small mountainous country located in central Europe is a landlocked country between France and Italy, while also being bordered by Austria, Germany and Liechtenstein. Any space that requires a gorgeous sight and real charm cannot go wrong with Photowall's excellent selection of high quality Switzerland posters. As per usual, all these motifs are also available for your modification, whether this is in terms of colour schemes or other decorative elements.

The mountains of Switzerland posters

Being smack dab in the middle of the Alps, Switzerland is almost 60 percent mountains. If you love yourself a great scenery, as well as the outdoors or outdoor sports for that matter, Switzerland posters is the exact thing for you. There are some amazing mountains in Switzerland including the famous and probably most known Matterhorn, as well as the Jungfrau and the Eiger, both you whom may have heard of. A fun fact to remember is that the Swiss Alps are high, snow-covered mountains, most of which are over 13,000 feet or 4,000 meters. Switzerland posters can also a catalyst for change, especially in these concerning times regarding our planet's climate. An item such as Gorner Glacier with Meltwater Channels can raise awareness about the effects of global warming. Located in the canton of Valais, this valley glacier is situated near the popular holiday destination of Zermatt, one of the most pristine winter destinations in the world. Photowall's Switzerland posters tier is not only easy on the eye but also informative and conversation stirring.

Winter wonderland

Although the Swiss are world-renowned for their exceptional milk, chocolate and cheese, the one thing a lot of people in the world associate them with is snow, and thus winter. Even in the warmer times, you can always venture up the mountains to find at least remnants of the cold season and often times still a healthy amount of snow. Switzerland posters such as Swiss Larch Trees perfectly illustrate that, demonstrating the beauty of a wintery background being fronted by the allure of trees in autumn. Graubunden, Switzerland is another magnificent piece that can turn any residential, corporate or recreational space into something magical and memorable. However, if you really want the quintessential sight that we correlate with Switzerland, go for a Switzerland poster in the veins of Andermatt, Switzerland. This absolutely stunning and wonderful landscape shows the true beauty of the snow and winter seasons. With motifs like these, you are guaranteed to spruce up your home or office with incredible aesthetic and deeper meaning.

The cities of Switzerland posters

Even though it was discussed about how Switzerland is known for its mountains, there are also plenty of iconic cities in this country, each with their unique history, fun quirks and charming allure. What most people do not know is that Bern is actually the capital, not Geneva or Zurich like most assume. Bern is a beautiful little city, with plenty of gorgeous landmarks which can be seen in interesting pieces like Bern Skyline Black. Switzerland posters also boasts variants of this with other remarkable cities like the aformentioned Geneva and Zurich, but also the likes of Basel, St. Gallen and Lucerne. The latter is known for its production of watches and clocks, another thing the Swiss are very well-known for. Bring this amazing land into your space by getting yourself Switzerland posters in any variety you want!
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