Need wallpaper advice for your bedroom, the place where you recharge and relax? Here are our top tips for choosing your bedroom wallpaper, styling the furniture and creating harmoniouRead mores lighting. Our days begin and end in the bedroom, and many think of their bedroom as a refuge—a space for relaxing after a hectic day. That’s why the room should be perfectly harmonious and help you relax. Perhaps you’ll want to read a book or just do nothing at all. Our advice is to style for a calming and relaxing bedroom where you’ll feel the most inner peace. Remember that our bedroom style influences us even as we sleep, so you should choose bedroom wallpaper in muted tones and decor with soft lines.

What Should the Decor and Wallpaper Convey?

The first step when styling your bedroom is to think about what mood and look you want the room to convey. Look around for inspiration. The best tip is to follow inspiring Instagram accounts and flip through magazines about interior design. Then arrange your favorite wallpaper, bedroom furniture, colors and shapes on a mood board. This is a great way to get a clear idea of what works best. Dare to explore new colors or bedroom wallpaper motifs that you normally wouldn't consider to see if they fit your style. The most important thing is that you should feel happy and completely at home in this room.

Furnishing a Bedroom—What to Consider

Comfort and harmony are the most important aspects of a bedroom. Consider moving your workspace elsewhere if you can. You may want to consider moving the desk, computer, binders, and stationary out of the room if you can. The bed is the room's most important piece of furniture, so give it a little extra attention. Test mattresses until you find one that suits you, and choose a headboard that reflects your taste. Our advice for creating a personalized headboard is to make your own. You can build one from wooden boards, or or why not hang your favorite wallpaper over the wall space behind your bed? Choosing wallpaper with a harmonious motif will help you wind down, relax, and harmonize. 

Our Top Tips for Bedroom Lighting

In order to make a bedroom feel cozy, lighting is essential. It should have practical, cozy and stylish lighting. Think of your needs first when you plan the lighting. Avoid lights with a strong, cold white light and go for warmer light sources. Using directional reading lamps and a remote control for the room lighting are top tips. If you choose a dark wallpaper, consider to add more sources of light, such as string lights, solar lights and table lamps.

Interior Design and Bedroom Wallpaper

Now the bedroom is finally taking shape. You have chosen your preferred style, tested the mattress and found the perfect lighting. Now it's time for styling and wallpapering. Ensure your bed has a soft rug under it, long enough to embrace your cold toes in the morning. Invest in top quality, plush bedding and accessorize with two to five pillows. Add a touch of nature with green plants. Avoid screens in your sleeping area to reduce stress and promote sleep. In the bedroom, it is important to select a wallpaper pattern you really love. Warm tones, such as the beige and pink hues found in the Marble 2.0 and Marble 2.0 Nude wallpaper motifs from Lilesadi work perfectly. It’s soothing to surround yourself with light blue and light green wallpaper as well, such as Leaves, Flow Blue and Weaving Wood Cool Green from Scandinavian Surface. Muted green and gray wallpaper patterns are lovely on a bedroom wall. With bold or dark wallpaper, as well as muted shades, your room will feel both cozier and more serene.
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