Kitchen wallpaper and dining room inspiration

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where you cook and spend time with friends and family. It’s a place where family gather to dine, work, do homework and chat about anything aRead morend everything. That’s why designing it according to your needs is important. Our best advice is compiled here so you can create a practical and functional kitchen with pleasant lighting and beautiful kitchen wallpaper for the whole family to enjoy. Whether you have a tiny kitchen with seating for only one or two or space for a large dining table, the kitchen is a room where we spend much of our time. That’s why it’s important to think about your needs and the best way to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

Style of wallpaper and kitchen atmosphere

The first step is to think about the mood you want to create in your kitchen. Do you want it to be a relaxing oasis, a creative place to cook or a place for board games and long conversations? Flick through interior design magazines or visit Pinterest boards for inspiration. You can also visit cafés and art exhibitions for inspiration on everything from kitchen cupboards to wallpaper trends. Then make a simple sketch of your floorplan to see how to get the most out of your kitchen, like where you might want to create a storage area, what kind of table you have room for, and what type of lighting you prefer. Mix up different styles of furniture, colours and wallpaper to determine which style looks best. And always remember that your kitchen should be designed for you and what makes you happy.

Wallpaper instead of tile

To protect the wall space above the kitchen sink and hob, many people install tiles as splashbacks. One way to make this space more personal and colourful is to use your favourite wallpaper instead. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps:
  • Measure the area to cover, choose your favourite wallpaper motif and then order.
  • The next step is to find a sheet of glass with the same dimensions. Check with a glazier.
  • Remember to ask for holes to be drilled in the glass. This is so you can mount it using rosette capped screws in case you want to change the wallpaper later.
  • Wallpaper the area. If its height is no more than 45 cm, you can turn the wallpaper horizontally to avoid any seams.
  • Drill the sheet of glass into place. The glass is easy to wipe if it gets dirty when you are cooking or doing the washing up. Done!

Kitchen lighting

Because the kitchen is a room where many people gather for a variety of activities, it is important to put some extra thought into the lighting. A kitchen where many dishes are prepared demands good, concentrated lighting over the work surface and hob. Aside from good lighting to work in, more general lighting is also needed for doing homework, preferably with a dimmer, so it can also be used for candlelit dinners. When the basic lighting is in place, add some mood lighting to create an extra cosy atmosphere.

To think about when furnishing your kitchen

Regardless whether you want a minimalist, colourful or modern kitchen, you should consider a few things before you begin furnishing based on the room’s function and the available space. Do you need many chairs for friends and family, an extendable table for reading the newspaper or maybe even no table at all? Or perhaps extra storage should be added? If the ceiling is high, but there’s not much floor space, you can create spaces for storage up high. If the room has a window that lets in a lot of light, put the dining table close by to enjoy a cosy atmosphere. If you live on the ground floor and want curtains for privacy, a light-coloured kitchen wallpaper and a built-in kitchen bench with the back to the window is our best idea. Also, a round or oval table will make the room feel more playful and encourage conversation. If your kitchen is small, our best advice is to have open shelves, which makes the kitchen feel larger and more spacious.

Styling and wallpapering

When you start adding stylish details and gorgeous wallpaper, think beyond the kitchen. Get inspired by and relate the interior to the other rooms in your home. Tailor it to your liking. Style with lovely paintings, vases, lanterns, textiles and plants that you like and that match your dishes and other kitchen accessories. Keep clocks out of the kitchen for a calm setting and to focus on food preparation, delightful dinners and intimate evening conversations. The wallpaper you choose for your kitchen depends completely on the style you like and, most importantly, what makes you happy. Think of how the wallpaper will interact with the rest of the interiors, such as the colour of the kitchen cupboards, ceiling and floor. Our best advice for finding the right wallpaper is to check out the motifs in our kitchen selection. We have organised wallpaper motifs in vibrant colours such as blue and turquoise. You will also find yellow, orange and gorgeous green kitchen wallpapers. Regardless of the colour you choose, remember that soft colours make the room feel snug and cosy, while bright colours give it a more modern feel.
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