Hallway wallpaper and interior design

Your hallway is the room that sets the scene for the rest of your home. It is often quite small in terms of floor space, yet there should be room for many things – everything from cloRead morethes and shoes to storage for umbrellas, hats and mittens. Here are our top tips for finding smart storage solutions, choosing hallway wallpaper to make your hallway seem larger and personalising the space well. When you come home after a long day at work, the hallway is the first space you see, and the first room your friends see when they come visit. That is why it is important that both the hallway and the hallway wallpaper feel welcoming and personal. You can use the room as a sneak preview to reveal to guests the style you have in the rest of your home. The first step when restyling your hallway is to think of the feeling you want when you come home. Do you feel happy walking into the hallway? Does it seem light or dark? Does it feel messy or cramped? Based on this, it’s easier to get an idea of what you may need to change. For example, you should consider storage if the area feels messy. And If it feels cramped, you should consider investing in some new, light-coloured hallway wallpaper.

Style the hallway for your needs and its size

The furniture you should choose for your hallway will depend on its size and whether it is long and narrow or square. Your needs, and those of your family, are also important. Start by making a sketch to see how you can best use the space. If you have a spacious hallway, storage can be on the floor, such as in a shoe bench that you can also sit on when you take off your shoes. Or you could have baskets on the floor for storage. However, if you are not lucky enough to have a lot of floor space, our best advice is to think upwards. Use the wall for storage and put up hooks and shelves. If the hallway is quite narrow, our top tip is to style with round rugs, hallway wallpaper with horizontal patterns, and large mirrors. A mirror is also ideal for that last glance at your hair or clothes before going out. If you have children at home, it’s a good idea to hang the hooks for their clothes at a height they can reach. That way their outdoor clothing will be within reach as they head off to school in the morning. You can also put boxes or baskets at the children’s height for hats, mittens or bus cards. If you feel daring when it comes to wallpaper, you can let the little ones come along and help choose the wallpaper motif.

Hallway lighting – Our top tips

The proper lighting makes all the difference when it comes to making a hallway feel bright and welcoming, An attractive ceiling light that provides good general lighting can also be a stylish accessory. And although the room is not usually a place for relaxing or reading, mood lighting is still important. It makes the hallway more inviting. Go for wall lamps and strings of lights if you have a small area. Or put a lamp or candle on the shoe bench. Lighting is even more essential if you have dark hallway wallpaper or a small hallway.

Wallpaper patterns and interior design

The hallway is a room where you can dare to try something new. Hallways are often small, and not much time is spent there, so you won’t tire of it as easily as you might in other rooms. Go wild with bright, large-patterned hallway wallpaper that livens up the space or try a doormat in beautiful colours to create a cosier feeling. If you choose wallpaper in a dark colour, match it with muted shades for shelves and other pieces of furniture for a nice look. The hallway is also a space where you can be creative with smart solutions. Build your own bench for sitting on that also hides the family’s shoes. Or put wallpaper in delightful patterns on the sliding doors of the closet that hides items like skates and schoolbags. Remember to also make space to store small things like keys, wallets and mobiles.

The best way to wallpaper your hallway

Even if you dare to put bright colours and large patterns on the walls of your hallway, you should consider a few practical things before choosing your hallway wallpaper. Here are some wallpapering tips:
  • If you have a small hallway, choosing wallpaper in light, cool colours will make the room seem larger.
  • Another way to make the hallway seem larger is to hang stripes horizontally instead of vertically.
  • However, if you want the hallway to seem more spacious, you should choose a wallpaper with vertical stripes. For a feeling of even more space, our top tip is to paint the floor and ceiling border in the same shade as the hallway wallpaper.
  • If your hallway has plenty of floor space, go wild with dark colours and large patterns. This will create a cosy, welcoming feeling.
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