Fictional Characters

The line between fiction and reality can be quite blurry, even in these modern times as we have entertainment literally in our hands. As cliché as it sounds, a movie filled with ficRead moretional characters can change your life completely! Photowall's unique and carefully selected collection of fictional characters posters can be an escape from the reality, a window to a completely different world. Fictional experiences can shape the way you think in your real life just as fictional characters can influence us in everyday life. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it allows you to participate in the lives of others and take a break from yours. Just like the figures portrayed, fictional characters posters can stay in your mind even after you have left the room you have decorated it with. Keep in mind, the experience of gaining access to the characters’ minds can broaden our perspective and more accepting of diversity and differences.

The role of fictional characters posters

Even though fiction is the most effective when it takes cues from the real world where it closely resembles the truth, the supernatural and otherworldly always has fascinated us. Just take a look at the fictional characters poster titled Extra Terrestrial - Henry Thomas as proof. However, with the emergence of various social media platforms, it has become quite a task to tell what is real and what is scripted these days. Fictional characters in this way, stay true to their fictitious nature but share with us some traits and thus there stories resonate with our own. Fictional characters posters can help you take inspiration from these figures. They can also be a gentle reminder and wonderful throwback to your childhood such as in motifs like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Wizard of Oz - Jack Haley Judy Garland and Ray Bolger. Albeit from different eras, they both still very much echo with our humanity in different ways. Fictional characters posters present real life photographs and works of art that carry incredible depth and meaning.

Up, up and away

Chances are you have already seen at least one superhero movie since more and more of them come out every year. Inhuman abilities, alien worlds and high stakes situations are some of the hallmarks of our favorite superhero films. These characteristics are also the ones absent from our everyday reality. With fictional characters posters can make them an everyday presence within your residential, corporate or recreational space. When our reality becomes too much for us to bear, we can escape to the world of someone like the mighty Thor and his friends. Thor God of Thunder is a fictional characters poster that screams masculinity and can be the ideal tool for decorating your kid's room, or even an adult area. For more girl power, maybe the fictional characters poster like Catwoman - Michelle Pfeiffer is more the motif for you. The inimitable Michelle Pfeiffer stars in this piece, an icon for the ages.

Other players in fictional characters posters

Most of us know who Popeye is, as he has become a staple in nearly every childhood. Although he primarily was a very popular comic strip character, it is as a movie cartoon star that most people know and remember him from. Popeye’s first appearance on film was in a 1933 Betty Boop Paramount cartoon called Popeye the Sailor. These cartoons were so popular that in 1937, the city of Crystal City, Texas, erected an official “Popeye” statue, marking the first time in world history a city had erected a statue in honor of a cartoon character! Animation posters pay tribute to this iconic figure with pieces such as Popeye the Sailor, where he displays his trademark pipe and the spinach that powers him. Animation posters can be a wonderful throwback to your own childhoods, while being the gateway for your children to share with your wistfulness.
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