Fantasy posters in the Film and TV section of Photowall are a great way to showcase your fun and creative side. Our wide range of fantasy-related movies includes but is not limited Read moreto: outer space, superheroes, fictional literature, wizards, radioactive giants, monsters, folklore characters, and so on. You can also find fantasy posters with mystical figures and well-known personalities, as well as all sorts of mythical beings in their most iconic scenes. This permits you to experiment with contrasts and adjust the visual weight of a room according to your preference. Fantasy posters can also be adjusted to match or contrast your existing interior decorations, such as colour schemes, overall aesthetic and appropriate furniture.

The many characters of fantasy posters

All sorts of real and mythical creature scenes and themes of fantasy posters can be the gateway to a blast of decorating spirit, making it a fun activity for young and old alike. One of the most popular items in our arsenal of fantasy posters is the superhero-themed wall cover. Imagine these incredibly popular entities swooshing across the facade on a wave of clouds, splashing in the subways with their brothers and posing with their most famous weapon, and all this within your four walls! Thor God of Thunder has immensely gorgeous colours partnered with an uncommon design, sure to delight young and old alike. This fantasy poster showcasing a only recently hip superhero can transform any room into something memorable, with the design not even being to affable to limit it to a child's space. Superman II is another motif that shines a light on the perhaps most famous superhero of all time, whom you can probably guess. A fantasy poster like this is timeless, just like the movie that inspired it all.

Different types

Fantasy posters from Film and TV have a lot of choices when it comes to motifs. Even though the majority is film posters, there are also more fantastical depictions of scenes or even caricatures that make an existing character all the more charming. These all are not just for the movie aficionados, but the common man as well because they can lend any space more style and make the room pop. Whether it is for a residential, corporate or recreational area, fantasy posters can be that crucial factor in interior design which elevates your aesthetic into the proverbial stratosphere. Imagine having something like Lord of the Rings in your domicile, a stunning piece of visual weight with a matching literary angle that can express your love for the different mediums in which this series has made a lasting impact. Then there are items along the lines of King Kong, presenting to us the legendary ape in his primal ferocity saving the woman he fell inlove with. This is another example of a fantasy poster that is derived purely from the section of Film and TV, because it shows us a scene that has gone down in movie history, and thus in human history as well.

Fantasy posters for a more mature audience

The things is, the more you look at these eye-appealing fantasy posters, the more detail you will notice in practically every single part of the mural, because of our high-quality standards and very singular designs. For those with a bit more affinity towards the edgier, darker material, we have pieces such as Beauty and the Beast, an originally Goth-inspired concept where you can see a real classic film poster which looks like a highly detailed drawing. Then there is House of Frankenstein, a ravishing artistic presentation which can send pleasant tingles down your spine and definitely a fantasy poster which will spawn interesting exchanges between you and your guests.
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