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When decorating your space, one often opts for something classic and timeless. With Photowall's superb collection of silent films posters, you will the pioneering and enduring magicRead more of cinema in your interiors. Silent films, or more colloquially called "silents", are the films of the early era that were without synchronized sound. This ranges from the earliest film which was around 1891, until 1927 when the first "talkies" began to appear. The silent era basically lasted until the end of that decade, where even though most films were already all-talkie, there were hold-outs like the famous Charlie Chaplin's City Lights, which you will also see in silent films posters. While many early silent films were either dramas, epics or romances, comedies were probably the most popular ones. On-screen inter-titles were often inserted intermittently between sequences of the film, to narrate supplemental story points, present dialogue and commentary on the action for the theater audience.

The main player in silent films posters

The most famous figure in the period of silents was undoubtedly Charlie Chaplin. Born in London in 1889, Charlie Chaplin first visited the United States at the tender age of 21, and broke into the cinema industry thanks to his lively personality and endless talent. Aside from being a prolific and expressive actor and director, Chaplin also composed the music for many of his own movies, despite never having had proper music training! Charlie Chaplin and Jackie Coogan is a wonderful silent films poster that can be interpreted in many ways, thus making it a versatile tool in revamping your style. It is a still from Chaplin's "The Kid", who many consider as his most perfect and most personal film. Such was the influence of this icon that he was the first actor to appear in Time Magazine. Whether it is your home or office, silent films posters such as City Lights - Charlie Chaplin can make all the visual difference in the world. The gorgeous and timeless tones of black and white give it so much character and drama, just like the man himself.

Visual art

As already mentioned earlier, the most remembered films from the silent years are the visual comedies and slapstick from the "silent clowns." Aside from the tragi-comic superstar Charlie Chaplin, there were also the physically daring comedians like Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd. The latter's most famous silent film found him dangling from a clock on the side of a city building in Safety Last, a legendary stunt for the ages. You can see this icon in silent films posters like Why Worry - Harold Llyod, an amusing and affable motif that could be a fixture in your residential, corporate or recreational area. An enduring aspect of this genre is the lack of colour, which make them even more fascinating and eternal. Queen - Betty Blythe is a concrete example of this trait, as it maximizes visual impact with an arresting subject in this magnificent silent films poster.

More protagonists

Who would have thought that putting together a skinny Englishman and a rotund American would be comedic gold? Laurel and Hardy became absolute legends in the silent film era due to this interesting mix. The former had been an understudy for Charlie Chaplin while the latter was the son of an Atlanta politician who studied law before deciding to pursue a career in singing. They made dozens of silent film shorts in the late 1920s, as you can see in the silent films poster entitled Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel in Liberty. A beautiful shot that perfectly illustrates the chemistry and friendship that was not only on screen, but in real life as well. This type of motif will not only lend your room great visual style, but also provide deeper meaning and values that you can share with the people around you.
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