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Interview with Scandinavian Surface about the collection In The Woods & The Hidden Bird

We interviewed Scandinavian Surface before the launch of In The Woods & The Hidden Bird. Read the entire interview in our magazine to discover everything there is to know about the inspiration behind the collection and see what colors Scandinavian Surface are going for right now! The successful designers also share their work process, described in five simple steps.

Scandinavian Surface

What does your creative work process look like?

We all have an MA with textile art as a specialty. For 15 years we have developed working methods based on the building up of wallpaper design using geometric and organic patterns layer by layer, with a color palette from Nordic nature. 
The goal is to create lasting expressions that bring personality to the wall. Our wallpapers suit various environments. They must work together with furniture and architecture. It's wallpaper, not visual art. 
Our work should have a positive effect on people, create "peace of mind", joy, and be a natural part of the room.

Using each other's ideas and raw materials is a fantastic inspiring resource.
Assessments of expression, colors and the whole through internal presentations tighten up the expression, and gradually a new design emerges. Late fall is our favorite time for photography, but we take a lot of photos all year round.

The process:

1. Acquire raw materials. 
Moss, leaves, stones, water, ice, fine craftsmanship, patterns from old books, random color combinations, facades, textiles, metal surfaces, details from paintings, reflections in light, shadows… We are always looking for moods that can be transferred to our expression. In a joint digital photo/pattern archive developed over many years, we can look for structures or objects in the work with new designs.

2. Discussion around the theme.
We spend time talking about why we are going to create a new wallpaper design. 
It must be original, functional and new. 
At the same time, we must be true to our expression, and we must want to have it on the wall ourselves. For a long time. 
We want to avoid trends but seek out something that fascinates each of us. 
Then we start sketching.

3. Restrictions. Framework to work within.
We select sketches to move forward with and work hard to "envision" a collection. 
Theme, palette, mood. A lot of exquisite things are put into the archive for later use, and we are left with a small selection of sketches that we want to develop.

4. Work, work, work! 
It takes time to work out such great motifs. Some of the motifs are 10 x 3 meters with no repetition. 
As, for example, the new In The Woods. It's like growing an entire forest in full scale! 
Everything has to be adapted and all the details must be in place. The wallpaper should work at a distance and at close range. The color palette should be versatile, but exciting. The expression should suit many environments and people. 
We designers have to mix and match all the designs and evaluate all the colors. 
But then, one day, the collection is ready.

5. Champagne!

Can you tell us a little more about the inspiration behind the collection?

Our endless fascination with trees and nature has once again inspired a new wallpaper collection. We have chosen an adventurous approach to the project and moved into the enchanted forest through all the seasons. The tree trunks are full of life and stories. The branches intertwine and form the light filigree of nature. Floral scent, mushrooms, herbs, flowers, berries, nuts - everything that can be captured from nature. The vibrant colors alternate seamlessly between warm and cool tones and form beautiful and natural color palettes. Join us in the enchanted forest!

Where do you get your inspiration? Is there anything special in nature that inspires you?

The amazing diversity of colors, patterns, shapes, materials, contrasts. 
No matter how close you get, there is always something new and intricate to spot. 
It never ends! It is the world's largest collection of shape and color.

What colors are you going for right now?

Bold natural colors. Darker atmosphere. Stronger colors. In the composition there may only be small hints of a color, but it has great significance for the expression. The color composition should be lasting. The wallpaper should be relevant and loved for many years. 

What do you like most about your work as a designer?

To create something new, something you yourself have never seen before.
New ideas are exciting and make you excited. 
The longing to see the finished work.
Satisfaction when everything falls into place.
Process, ideation, discussion, diverse work. 
To experience our designs in private and public use on all continents.
Our great cooperation with Photowall which means that the whole world can enjoy our wallpapers.  
To have the opportunity to use full time our lengthy education in art.
MASSES of praise from satisfied professional and private customers.

Each wallpaper motif corresponds to a specific place in nature; please tell us about any/some of the wallpaper motifs!

The In the Woods collection takes you into an organic, elegant forest where no two trees are alike, and the composition is created by powerful graphic contrasts and sober colors. Patterns and colors reflect Nordic nature and seasons in bold spring green tones, subdued melancholic fall moods, blue winter days and cool summer nights.
The design runs for ten meters before the pattern repeats itself and gives us the opportunity to walk along a long wall and constantly discover something new, just like in a real forest. In the Woods is perfect for long stretches of wall, but you can, of course, choose a section that suits your wall, regardless of size.  
Discover and enjoy details in patterns and colors and look for the little secrets that are always hiding inside the forest…

The Hidden Bird collection is the gentle, fragrant forest that envelops you in glowing colors, delicate contrasts and soft forest floor. The color palette has been assembled to suit many materials and interiors. All the designs consist of both cold and warm colors, just like nature itself through all the seasons. In the forest you can always hear the birds singing. But where are they? Hidden between the branches, they live their secret lives. But if you sit quietly and look with your eyes, you might be able to see them.

Describe your collection in three words.

Wild, lush, Nordic!

Do you have a personal motto you live by?

Always on the hunt!

Winter Blues In The Woods

In The Woods & The Hidden Bird – wallpaper collection by Scandinavian Surface.
Links to the collection, pressrelease, press room.

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