They say it's the most romantic city in the world, and with these canvas prints, it's not very hard to see why. What becomes apparent from this collection of canvas prints is that theRead more City of Light, so called because of its role as torchbearer in the Enlightenment, never ceases to light up a room. Words that spring to mind when glancing at these paintings of arguably the most beautiful city in Europe are love, romance, inspiration, art and fashion. Fall in love with the canvas print collection, and enjoy the way the painting oozes an easy-going style and "je ne sais quoi". Bring a little snapshot of French style into your home and see how the colours and mood of the painting completely changes the ambience of the room. For those who love to see a bit of Paris in Pixar animation style, in particular the film Cars, there's just the canvas print for you! Experience the idyllic, romantic and bright side of the city through this painting! As the motifs become more abstract, the essence of the French capital is by no means lost, indeed, Paris is within the very soul of these paintings. The canvas prints show the Moulin Rouge, dancers, the Eiffel Tower and French musicians in a hazy mixture of lines and ideas, perfectly encapsulating the city's boundless energy.

Eiffel Tower

From such busy paintings, to calmer, vintage style canvas prints of the simple but highly effective view of the distinctive Eiffel Tower. There are so many Eiffel Tower canvas print paintings to feast your eyes upon, all of which capturing a slightly different mood of the landmark. From negative camera filters to landscape and portrait pencil sketches and lino prints, there is no denying that the tower has served as inspiration to many photographers and artists alike, and it is a joy to witness the result of such inspiration in these paintings. Allow the French charm to fill your home with a wide selection of Paris-themed canvas prints. Bring one of the most beautiful cities in the world to your home - a city that is enshrined in a fascinating past of revolution and romance, literature and art, and of gargoyles and angels. From the realistic painting of the Eiffel Tower surrounded by golden-amber leaves in autumn to the more abstract depictions of one of the world's most distinctive skylines, these canvas prints succeed in representing the city's great energy from a number of different perspectives. With an injection of colour, the Paris at Night paintings show a nocturnal wonderland - a dappled starry sky and the most impressive skyline. With two different filters, one blue and the other purple, the choice is a hard one to make.


From landmarks such as the obvious Eiffel Tower, some canvas prints show the impressive Sacre Coeur in all of its splendour. Others show wonderful paintings of l'Arc de Triomph. Take a stroll through the rainy streets of Paris, and allow yourself to be caught up in the passion of the most romantic city in the world when you look at the red umbrella from one of the paintings. Soak up the sights of all the famous landmarks, so characteristic of the beautiful city, in the comfort of your own home. Surround yourself with the world-renowned beauty of the French capital, and remind yourself of a short trip spent there, or even dream about traveling there one day, because, as one painting captions: "the idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting". The Parisian canvas print collection is a veritable feast for the eyes. The collection contains such a vast array of moods and perspectives and yet all are united by the common theme of Paris, and all that Paris means, including Collage Paintings, postcard-style motifs, rainbow-coloured splashes of skyline, oil pastel paintings, old photographs, modern black and white photographs, and some even that shake up the perspective entirely with the displacement of a lamp post. From historical landmarks and wonders of the world, to more personal moments of peace and tranquillity, these canvas prints don't leave a single stone unturned in their depictions of the French capital, Paris.
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