Having something nature-themed present in your interior decoration always gives it a different and more organic vibe. With Photowall's exquisite selection of gardens canvas prints, yoRead moreu can provide your walls with the divinely manicured gardens of Versailles or the vibrant shapes and colours of an English country garden, and so much more. Whether your preference lies in the beautified and polished, or the wild and lively, gardens canvas prints can be just the ideal tool to invigorate any residential, corporate or recreational room. Imagine having the lovely tones of fresh fields and innate appeal of cultivated plants within your interiors, partnered with the furniture and colour schemes of your choice. You can practically see the room lighten up and coming alive with style and passion when you employ gardens canvas prints.

Dossier on gardens canvas prints

The origin of domestic gardens lies beyond the reach of recorded history. Yet the oldest pictorial records of domestic gardens are from Ancient Egypt and show them to have been astonishingly similar to modern domestic gardens. The gardens shown in Egyptian tomb paintings were, of course, the gardens of the rich. You will plenty of luxury in our assortment of gardens canvas prints, but with that proverbial provincial charm incorporated. Every culture has some sort of historical garden in their past, which is why we also have motifs reaching far and wide in this beautiful world. From an opulent plaza in Europe such as in the piece named "Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo, Norway" and an elegant estate in Asia like in the motif titled "Cherry blossom at Hamarikyu Gardens, Chuo Ward - Tokyo", to the tropical paradise featured in the gardens canvas prints specified under "Hammock in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica", there is something for everyone to share.

Great mixture

In our array of gardens canvas prints, you can find real life photographs with details so rich that you can almost smell the flowers and works of art so beautiful that it will make you want to build your very own garden right away. Whether you prefer the cultured or the wild, the surreal or the real thing, gardens canvas prints can be just the thing to liven up a dull or too plain room by bringing a bit of the outdoors into a city-bound life. If you want a photo of the aforementioned high quality such as the piece titled "Backyard Flower Collection" or a painting that has incredible visual weight and a true deeper meaning such as "Secret Garden", our diverse and wide range of gardens canvas prints is sure to have the ideal scene to suit your needs without having to cut the grass or weeding the lawn for real.

Benefits of gardens canvas prints

Gardening itself is an engaging, fun activity that anyone can take up at any point in their life, if they have the time and obviously, resources. You do not need to have a large backyard or living area to tend to a garden, but having space certainly helps. This can be seen in the artistic rendering which goes by the name of "Garden - Abbott Fuller Graves", a gardens canvas print featuring a vibrant array of flowers, lovingly illustrated in warm colours. With little exception, most people's lives nowadays are filled with stress and pressure. Since gardening is a perfectly natural stress reliever that works all the time and makes you feel rejuvenated and overall happy, having gardens canvas prints in your residential or even corporate space can alleviate those modern symptoms. The wide array of colours and designs within this selection can calm one's mind and open it up to the things that are really important in life.
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