Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is a region of Ireland that is still part of the United Kingdom. It sits on land that used to be occupied by Gaels who were Catholic and spoke Irish. It is part of thRead moree province of Ulster. There has been much political unrest and violence that has broken out in this region many times, because of the war between Unionists and Nationalists. Basically, Unionists are the Protestant descendants of the colonists from England who want Northern Ireland to remain a British state, while Nationalists are Catholic descendants of the Gaels who wish to break free from British rule and establish an independent Northern Ireland. Photowall salutes this tumultuous but beautiful country in its fine collection of Northern Ireland canvas prints. These splendid prints come in a wide selection of designs and colors for the discerning urban sophisticate to choose from. These Northern Ireland canvas prints bring not only beauty and color to your living spaces but a sense of history as well. Let these Northern Ireland canvas prints be a constant reminder that the world is a large and complicated place, and that the beliefs and traditions held by one tribe could easily spark the flames of conflict with those that don’t share them.

Controversial in Northern Ireland canvas prints

The United Kingdom of Great Britain conquered Ireland in the 16th century during the Battle of Kinsale. Upon the establishment of British rule in the region, many Irish lords left the land and settled in other parts of Europe. Their lands were taken by England and the region was placed under the rule of a Protestant, English-speaking government. Photowall pays homage to this great land with “Belfast Northern Ireland Skyline”, “Giants Causeway in Antrim”, and “Belfast Skyline Rainbow” in its fine collection of Northern Ireland canvas prints. Position these images in your living room or recreational den to add style and a splash of color to your living spaces. Place them in your mini-library or private study and they lend a feel of erudition and worldliness to the area. You don’t have to be of Irish descent to enjoy these Northern Ireland canvas prints. Bring your neighbors and officemates over for a spot of tea and crumpets and have long discussions about the current political unrest in these particular regions. The arguments that will be fueled by these Northern Ireland canvas prints will be nothing short of incendiary.

Tumultuous in Northern Ireland canvas prints

The political unrest caused by the dissent among Catholic Nationalists and Protestant Unionists is called The Troubles. These low-level, but very violent urban conflicts have been ravaging the region since the 1960s. The technology of warfare has changed but the main thrust of the disagreement remains the same. Thousands have lost their lives to these Troubles. The Catholics established their own rebel group called the Irish Republican Army or IRA. This was declared as a terrorist organization by the British, which then proceeded to counter their attacks with the founding of the Royal Ulster Constabulary or the RUC. Elements of the British Army called the Special Air Service, which is England’s own branch of crack commandos, were also called in to support the troops. The violence caused by the clashes of these two sides was nothing short of epic. The loss of life and the casualties suffered by both sides prompted Sinn Feinn, which is the Catholic’s political arm, and the British government to call for ceasefires many times. But these proved to be temporary and inefficient solutions to the problem, and could scarcely stem the flow of blood brought about by the fighting.

A new hope

But despite all the Trouble in this region of the world, Northern Ireland still remains, geographically at least, one of the most beautiful places in the world. Photowall reminds us of this fact with “Giants Causeway”, “Waves Crashing in Giants Causeway”, and “Belfast Northern Ireland City Map” in its splendid collection of Northern Ireland canvas prints. The wide shores and lush greenery of the region still hold some of the most breathtaking vistas on the planet today, as witnessed by these Northern Ireland canvas prints. Even the sleeping areas and play nooks of your kids will be livened up by these Northern Ireland canvas prints. Teach them about the thousand and one shocks that human nature is heir to while being surrounded by these Northern Ireland canvas prints. They will serve not only to adorn your spaces but become a stark reminder as well, of what happens when human beings lose tolerance and acceptance for one another’s beliefs. It is never too early to teach them about the imperfections of our species and the consequences brought about by our flaws. Make these Northern Ireland canvas prints a permanent mainstay in your home today.
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