Switzerland is an independent country in and of itself. It was founded in 1291. Its capital is Bern. It is composed of twenty-six cantons, which are like small cities. Some of the oldRead moreest and most distinguished banks in the world have made their home in Switzerland for centuries now. This country is also the residence of the second largest United Nations office in the world, as well as the home office of the football league FIFA. Switzerland is classified as a neutral country, which means it does not take part in any armed conflict in the world. It is also the place where the international Red Cross was established. Photowall pays respect to this unique country in its remarkable line of Switzerland canvas prints. These amazing images feature some of the more popular and most frequented sites within the country. Hang these Switzerland canvas prints on the walls of your home and liven up every living space within your dwelling. These Switzerland canvas prints come in a wide variety of designs and colors for the discriminating urban dweller to choose from. Let these Switzerland canvas prints become a staple of your home and watch as everyone’s spirits are inspired and uplifted by them.

Peaceful in Switzerland canvas prints

In the Vatican, the Pope’s personal retinue of armed bodyguards is called the Swiss Guard. They are handpicked from a select group of commandos who have proven themselves time and again in battle. They are the only ones allowed to personally safeguard the Pope. Photowall lets you preen into the beauty of the Swiss locale with “Sparkling”, “Zurich Skyline”, and “Andermatt, Switzerland” in its wide collection of Switzerland canvas prints. These wonderful prints allow you to have a glimpse of the snow-covered mountains of the Swiss countryside, along with its cascading waterfalls. Position these Switzerland canvas prints in your lounging areas and reading nooks for an afternoon of relaxation and reflection. Invite your friends over for dinner while gazing at these prints hanging on the wall beside your dining table, and have endless discussions about the beauty and unique landscape of this region. But it doesn’t end there, there is, even more, to love with “Autumn in Montreux, Switzerland, Europe”, “Switzerland Scenics”, and “Basel Skyline Black” in our fine line of Switzerland canvas prints. These additions to the already existing adornments in your home will guarantee hours of pensive relaxation and peace.

Neutral in Switzerland canvas prints

Banking laws in Switzerland are different from most other countries in the world. They are some of the most discreet and independent financial organizations in existence today. That is why several governments, corporations, and private entities choose to transact their business in this region. The city of Zurich is synonymous with Swiss banks, offshore accounts, and staggering sums of money. The countryside of Switzerland is more celebrated for its white Alpine slopes and world-class skiing resorts and lodges. These white bosom slopes serve as the winter playground for some of the most affluent individuals in the world. Photowall lets you share in the wealth and luxury with “Bern Skyline”, “Geneva Skyline”, and “Gorner Glacier with Meltwater Channels” in its unique collection of Switzerland canvas prints. Invite your friends who work in banking and finance for an afternoon of champagne and caviar in your living room, while you let them regale you with tales about the peculiar banking and financial laws that exist in these cities. Sit with them in the comfort of your home and while away the afternoon with stories of secret accounts and lavish winter holidays in this fine region of the world.

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The Geneva Convention is a document that dictates the norms of behavior and code of conduct to be strictly adhered to by combatants and their respective countries in times of war. Violation of any of the treaties of the Geneva Convention will bring about charges of war crimes from the United Nations War Crimes Tribunal itself. The most stringent penalties, such as life imprisonment and even death, are the consequences of being proven guilty of violating the Geneva Convention. Likewise, heavy sanctions can be levied upon countries that have also broken these laws. Photowall gives you more with “Lucerne Switzerland Luzern Skyline”, “Lausanne Switzerland Skyline”, and “Winterthur Switzerland Skyline” in its amazing line of Switzerland canvas prints. These remarkable images feature the skylines of some of the more famous cities frequented by millions of tourists annually in this region. Not only bankers make a pilgrimage to this fine country, but lovers of timepieces and fine chocolates as well, as Switzerland makes some of the best of both in the world. Order a box of fine Swiss chocolates and share them with your family in your den, as you while an evening away surrounded by these splendid Switzerland canvas prints.
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