Thorns wallpaper by Photowall are the ideal focal point to have if you to surprise people with an interesting subject matter. These things are certainly something that most people migRead moreht not think of when it comes to having as their wall decoration because of all those preconceived notions. This category is dedicated to the part of a plant that might not seem appealing at first and in real life, but can add tremendous texture and beauty to your interiors. When most people think of thorns they probably imagine a rose. But did you know that the thorns on roses are not actually thorns, but rather prickles? This is just one of the factoids you will learn as we delve further into thorns wallpaper. The proper classification of sharp things like thorns, spines and prickles differs depending on the origin in the plant that bears them. They do, however, share the same common purpose of protecting the plant from predators. When you look at the items in thorns wallpaper, you will definitely understand why. They can add a unique character to your residential, recreational and even corporate space.

Deeper meaning

In the ancient Japanese philosophy of Bushido, it is taught that once a warrior has achieved oneness with the universe, even a thorn can be used as a weapon. They say that a drop of rain that has stuck to a thorn is the most intoxicating nectar on Earth. In other cultures, a thorn connotes the health of the plant and all that is connected to it. It is no wonder then that this elemental yet indispensable product of nature has come to mean different things in different cultures, making thorns wallpaper such an interesting component when used in interior design. Photowall broadens your understanding with this sublime line of thorns wallpaper. These images depict thorns in a more singular and meaningful light. Hang a few of these thorns wallpaper atop your bed, in your sleeping quarters, and feel as though you are closing your eyes in one of the most beautiful deserts in the world. Let the imagery carry you away to distant lands where you can live your dreams with images of green fields and open plains. Your selected thorns wallpaper can also be altered in order for them to complement your existing, or planned, interior design style.

Thorns wallpaper of cactus

The most featured plant in this category by Photowall is the cactus. Did you know that the word "cactus" originates from the Greek name Kaktos? This is a Spanish artichoke or what people in Greece refer to as the "prickly plant of Sicily". The cacti you see in thorns wallpaper come in different shapes and forms, but all with their individual appeal and beauty. This plant is very popular in horticulture because unlike most houseplants, they do not need constant replacement. Just like the items you see in thorns wallpaper, they can survive for a long time. As a matter of fact, the cactus can live from 10 up to 200 years! This also stems from their capability to survive even in the harshest of conditions, like the desert. This inhospitable environment is also quite heavily featured in thorns wallpaper. These amazing thorns wallpaper shows the cactus in a beautiful manner, with the incredible artistry making it the ideal focal point of any space.

Turn bad into good

As alluded to earlier, thorns have acquired a bad reputation throughout history with phrases like "having a thorn in your side" meaning you have a problem that will not easily go away. Being a thorn among the roses shows your imperfections while being surrounded by beauty. And even in Christianity, Jesus Christ was made to suffer by wearing a crown of thorns before He was crucified. Photowall lets you see the good side its unique collection of thorns wallpaper. These images depict these protective extensions of the plant as they appear on the more popular greens that we recognize. Thorns wallpaper like "Atacama Cactus II - Bw", for example, can bring some much needed art into your decoration. If you want something even more friendly, check out "Cactusa". The wonderful colour schemes present in this thorns wallpaper can even be the background in a room frequented by children.
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