Botanical Art

Creating something that is meant to communicate and appeal to our five senses of the intricacies of our mind is quite an undertaking. Even more so if it is related to a particular subRead moreject, in this case the art of horticulture. The best samples of combining these two sets of ideas and impulses can be found in our wide and excellent selection of botanical art wallpaper. These finely detailed and tremendously varied motifs are the ideal adornment or embellishment for the space you have chosen to decorate or revamp, whether this is in your home, office or recreational space. Furthermore, you also have the freedom and option to adjust your botanical art wallpaper in accordance to your aesthetic taste, design wishes and interior planning.

Defining botanical art

First off, to get a clearer picture of the subject matter in question, we have to spell out what botanical art really is. In its most basic form or shape, botanical art is documenting plants and flowers. These days, there is a resurgence in the scene with more and more people wanting to draw what they see of flora rather than merely take photos. It must also be noted that botanical art does not just involve chronicling plant life, but also cataloguing it for science and environmental research, as well as medicine. A botanical art wallpaper, therefore, is not just a wonderful decor for you to spruce up your area with, but also a token of appreciation for a much needed technique that helps vegetation and greenery throughout the globe. That being said, botanical art wallpaper proves to be a remnant of an important scientific function. It produces images used by botanists to identify plants and is crucial in the documentation and thus, conservation of plant species.

Importance of botanical art wallpaper

With the environment and the preservation of our planet being a very crucial issue, people see botanical art as a very important and vital artform. There are even some who argue that drawings or paintings are better than photos in the long run. Herein also lies the beauty and significance of high-quality lineup of botanical art wallpaper, as you will or already have seen. Although photos are more often the preferred and admittedly easier path to document plant life, there are folks that say drawings are more important. One could say that even though a photograph is great because you get an instant record, a botanical artist records the whole life cycle of the plant, making it much more critical and imperative in the analysis of the object at hand. As you will see in Photowall's botanical art wallpaper assortment, a motif can have in just one composition the buds, dying flowers, all the way right through to the fruit and seeds. This makes it way more detailed and intricate report on the plant or flower depicted.

Botanical art wallpaper is a changing artform

As the artform evolves, insects and animals are being added to the images, which was not done traditionally. However, we all now know how very elaborately connected everything in the natural world is. Botanical art wallpaper adheres to this concept, such as in the piece Botanical Watercolor Pattern, where you can see various insects alongside the plants and flowers. Although it is done in collage form, it still shows that their is distinct relationship between these things of the flora and fauna. The Forest Meadow Day is another item that features things like butterflies, one of the most important links from the world of botany to the spectrum of zoology.
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