Palm Trees

Imagine waking up to the sight of a tropical paradise every morning, enjoying the view of a white beach and hearing rolling waves in your head while you are drinking your morning cup Read moreof coffee before starting the day's work. This can be done by using palm trees wallpaper in your home, or even the office itself. With these wonderful motifs you can come home to your own personal slice of heaven after a long day, stripping yourself off the stress with a little help from our exquisite selection of palm trees wallpaper. Since life, time and money does not always allow us that escape trip to the palm-lined shores with warm weather and island vibes, palm trees wallpaper is the next best thing. Adjust your selected items to match your interior design to complete that light and warm look.

The master of practicality

Aside from their strong visual appeal, palm trees have many functions for the benefit of human kind. They provide many food staples like coconuts, obviously, but also Acai fruit, dates, betel nuts and oil. Depending on the type of palm, we are also able to get useable biodiesel, wine, wax, jelly, and so on. As you can see, palm trees wallpaper is not just easy on the eyes, but also educational and fun. There are even cultures around the world that make wine out of palms! Palm wine is commonly made in regions of Africa and Asia. Think about that when you admire your palm trees wallpaper as you are sipping your relaxing glass of wine in the evening. The advantage of having this kind of interior decoration is you can enjoy the tropical view at any given time of the year, no matter what season. You can always have summer vibes in your home, office or recreational area with palm trees wallpaper.

Palm trees background

This incredible tree's history can be traced back to over 5000 years! Even then, it was used as a food source, for constructing tools, dwellings and shade from the hot desert sun. Ancient civilizations such as the Romans used palm branches as a symbol of victory, while it represents peace and bounty in Judaism as well as Christianity. Palm trees wallpaper carry with them not just the allure and appeal of beauty, but also a symbolic value that can be a brilliant reflection of who you are and your character. Palm trees have played their role in stories and art for thousands of years. Their natural beauty made them a very welcome subject for plenty of artists throughout the centuries. Combine this trait with your interior design by matching your palm trees wallpaper with the right colour scheme and fitting decorative details like furniture. Tropical Scene can be the eye-catching scene in your living room, partnered with some wooden tables or chairs and ornamental plants. Palm trees wallpaper can be the crowning touch in the decoration of your desire.

More samples

Palm trees also represent victory and everlasting life in some cultures and religions. This is also because this tree, particularly the coconut varieties, can bear fruit for as long as 70 years! Make your aesthetic as everlasting as the tree itself with our excellent array of palm trees wallpaper. Enjoy scenes of palms waving in the wind, opening its arms to affable creatures, silhouetted against the moonlight, and so much more. There are simple patterns of palm trees wallpaper as well as some more abstract works of art in this lineup which let the imagination fill in the details. Brazilian Palms - Ash Green is good example of this kind of palm trees wallpaper. This piece can also be very pleasing and appealing to children, as most of these items are.
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