Trees are probably the most explicit symbol of growth, seasonal death and revival in works of art. Since the olden times, they have become part and parcel of folklore and nowadays aRead more tree for some native tribes is a totem. It is also worth mentioning that sacred trees have a magic power innate in their nature, even if only seen in a work of art. Make your pick from our top-tier selection of wonderful trees wallpaper to honor this preconceived idea, as well as add style and visual weight to the room or space your are redecorating or building.

Tree is the reality

Trees not only provide wood for building and pulp for making paper, they also provide habitats or homes for all sorts of insects, birds and many other animals. Furthermore, many types of fruits and nuts come from trees and even the sap of trees is useful as food for insects and for making things such as maple syrup. This is why a gorgeous trees wallpaper can bring a sense of life and refresh the growth of a positive mood in your home, office or any other space you might want to spruce up.

Trees wallpaper as breather

Since these amazing things, which are technically elongated plants, also help to keep our air clean and our ecosystems healthy, it makes sense to place on in your home. However, not everyone has enough space to plant a tree in their domicile, but fret no more since our excellent trees wallpaper assortment gives you the option of still having that revitalizing feel albeit in a different form. It will help you breathe and give you a renewed appreciation for nature, life and the immediate environment, perhaps even stirring your sense of adventure and going out into the wilderness.

The artistry of trees

We humans don't just love trees for their practical uses and our functional reasons. Trees can also be very beautiful, tall enough as if they seem to touch the sky and so big around that you can't even hug them. A litany of artists, both professional and amateur, have painted pictures of trees and thousands of poems, songs and stories have been dedicated about them. A gorgeous trees wallpaper can have that same impact that almost everyone of us has felt at some point, which simply stopping to enjoy the beauty of a tree.

Evergreen and deciduous trees wallpaper

There are actually two main types of trees, deciduous and evergreen. Deciduous trees lose all of their leaves for a part of the year, like in cold climates, this happens during the autumn so that the trees are bare throughout the winter. In hotter and drier climates, deciduous trees usually lose their leaves during the dry season. Evergreen trees don't lose all of their leaves at the same time, they always have some foliage. They do lose their leaves a little at a time with new ones growing in to replace the old, but a healthy evergreen tree is never completely without leaves. Both of these types are heavily featured in trees wallpaper section, where you can choose either or both, depending on the aesthetic you are going for and the range of embellishment you desire to achieve in the specific room or area.

Some samples of trees wallpaper

Distributed into four subcategories, trees wallpaper will leave you with plenty of choices when it comes to beautifying your home, office or recreational space. These specific tiers are Jungle, Leaves, Tropical Trees and Twigs & Branches. Each with its selective lineup, these trees wallpaper in artistic renditions look fashionable, dynamic and memorable.
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