Graphic Art

Graphic art is one of the branches of fine art that emphasizes line and tone. It covers a wide spectrum of two-dimensional mediums such as calligraphy, photography, painting, typograpRead morehy, computer graphics, and bindery. Photowall salutes this amazing art form in its wide collection of graphic art wallpapers. These images span an expansive plethora of styles and themes, that fall under the umbrella of the medium itself. Diversity is the order of the day with these graphic art wallpapers. These amazing images are available in a nearly endless array of colors and designs for the spunky suburban dweller to choose from. Infuse some trendiness and vibrance into your home with these graphic art wallpapers. There is almost no space in your home where they will not look magnificent and inviting. Hang them in your living room to make a fine focal point for the eye or a good conversational piece. Place them in your recreational spaces to give the area a more playful and relaxed feel. These graphic art wallpapers are guaranteed to bring much-needed color and edginess to any room you display them in. Let these graphic art wallpapers proliferate inside your home and be the life of the party everyday.

Edgy in graphic art wallpapers

Graphic art is not a 21st-century invention. Even in ancient times, the early Egyptians used graphic drawings to convey their important information. These were known as hieroglyphs. These hieroglyphs are one of the ways they passed down their knowledge and culture throughout the generations. Modern-day excavations have unearthed some of these images, and they have helped modern man immensely, in his search for the wisdom and technology of the great Egyptians. Photowall lets you sample a few of these remarkable pieces with “London Skyline Rainbow”, “Pattern Jay Plain”, and “Waves Pattern” in its fine line of graphic art wallpapers. These images showcase the fine lines and silhouettes that this specific style of art is famous for. Hang these graphic art wallpapers in your lounging den and enjoy countless hours of amusement and relaxation. They will be an even bigger hit in the playrooms and sleeping areas of your children because of their vibrant colors and interesting use of patterns. The kids are sure to have an amazing time with these splendid graphic art wallpapers all around them. You can even bring a few of these graphic art wallpapers to your office to liven up your workspace.

Fashionable in graphic art wallpapers

Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press, used graphic art in most of his layouts. The utilization of this medium brought much life and dynamism to the prints of his day. In modern times, computer graphics artists are responsible for fixing the images and print onto paper, or whatever other medium we wish to display them in. Photowall gives you more for your viewing pleasure with “Circles Mid Century IIII”, “Flowery”, and “Birds of Paradise” in its almost endless collection of graphic art wallpapers. These images employ pattern and color to tease the eye and please the senses. These graphic art wallpapers would be perfect on the walls of your private study or mini-library. They will lend an air of whimsy and character to your more serious spaces. They would blend perfectly with any color of wall or wallpaper that you choose to backdrop them with. Interestingly enough, these graphic art wallpapers are so versatile that you could even display them in your office. They are guaranteed to be an instant hit with your workmates and can minimize the severity and stuffiness of your workplace.

Lively and amusing

But graphic art isn’t just used for amusement. During the Second World War, graphic art was seen in recruitment posters and promotional materials that sold war bonds to the public. They also played a major role in making people aware of what was going on in the battlegrounds of Europe and the South Pacific. They are an indispensable part of marketing and commerce when they display products and services to the everyday consumer. Photowall gives you even more with “Miami Deco 2”, “Planets and Stars”, and “Retrospectra” in its amazing collection of graphic art wallpapers. These images are such beautiful examples of the medium that it would hardly do them justice not to be displayed in front of your friends. Invite your neighbors and colleagues into your home for an afternoon of wine and cheese as you sit in your parlor, simply admiring the quirkiness and color brought by these fine graphic art wallpapers. Have an interesting discussion about the myriad uses of this particular art form throughout history. These graphic art wallpapers are manufactured from materials that are guaranteed safe to exist inside your home, and safe to be around your kids. Grab your own set of graphic art wallpapers today.
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