Vintage wallpaper by Photowall is not just the ideal tool to make your space more interesting, it can also alleviate stress and provide you with a mental escape from the daily stress Read moreof life. Whether or not you are feeling nostalgic and longing for the golden days, the idea of a retro interior design style will bring new life into your wall decoration. Vintage wallpaper can provide you with visual reminders in the form of art with unique designs, incredible colours and a charm that is timeless. Use these images to wash away the spiritual and mental dust that modern living accumulates. Do not let yourself be left feeling drained, use your vintage wallpaper to create a relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy and kick back. The stylish motifs in vintage wallpaper can be the ideal focal point for your home, office or even recreational space. Match or contrast them with your existing interior design, colour schemes and any other decorative elements you might have in your rooms. Bring back the beauty of old with Photowall's vintage wallpaper!

Key word definition

We all know that vintage is a particular style of interior design that is not accidentally characterized as being seasoned and old. After all, the word vintage itself comes from winemaking, where it was referred to as the wine of the highest quality and the long-term exposure wine. This not only means it is seasoned, but expensive and very special as well just like Photowall's array of gorgeous vintage wallpaper. With imagery that than can look good in any interior and bring a whole new meaning to the term decoration itself, you are spoiled for choice. Vintage wallpaper do not have any clear rules of space arrangement, but it is rather a the stylistic direction than the style itself. Any vintage interior style aims to demonstrate the special charm of the previous era and create a cozy atmosphere, combining antique and modern furniture, colour schemes and decoration. For example, you can choose a vintage wallpaper in the vein of "Enchanted - Eggshell" and then decorate around it to underline the central theme of pleasant remembrances. This will also provide your space with an essential touch of nature, albeit in artistic form.

Tips and tricks with vintage wallpaper

Your interior design should, ideally, tell a story that captivates the viewer. Retro interiors provide the perfect backdrop to display collections of vintage wallpaper. Remember that going vintage gives you a license to remember and reminisce, so decorate in accordance with this. Invite antique pieces into a modern space by contrasting bright and shiny new objects with a shabby-chic room. Do not be afraid to start with a small vintage wallpaper and then progress from there. Sometimes just a little bit of the old world is all you need to give a room new dimension and meaning. Vintage wallpaper is as much about story telling at it is about appreciating the bones of a design for its structure and not its age. This notion is superbly captured in "Organic Portrait", a vintage wallpaper that is quite simple but still very powerful and appealing. A depiction like this can be interpreted in so many ways, enabling you to make up your own story of meaning and importance.

A well of inspiration

Turning to vintage wallpaper is partly also a desire to realize the need for comfort. This type of interior design is not just lovingly familiar, but also classic and elegant. With time come stories, and these stories are manifested visually in abrasions, cracks and chips which generate a gorgeous atmosphere and a comfortable lived-in look, creating an ambiance of peace, relaxation and nostalgia. With a multitude of themes, you can decorate with a specific subject in mind, accentuate it with vintage wallpaper and round it out with a couple of more pertinent items. Take for instance the piece entitled "Mrs Dalloway", a stunning vintage wallpaper which can look good in any living room or even board room in the office. These types of vintage wallpaper not only look captivating and chic, but also convey your sense for inspiration and style.
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