Water lilies are one of the most ancient types of plants existing in the world today because they have been around for at least 130 million years! With this in mind, Photowall has creRead moreated a superb and high in quality lineup of waterlilies posters for your pleasure. In nature, the mere sight of fresh and eye-catching water lilies makes you walk towards them to get an up-close look. How much more if you have your very own waterlilies poster in your domain? Our gorgeous motifs focusing on these exquisite blossoms can create an atmosphere of peace, relaxation and tranquility. These waterlilies posters reveal their intricate petals and vibrant colours. You will even see scenes where it is captured how the flowers reflect against the surface of the sky in the water. Whether it is your home, a recreational space or even your office, these items will upgrade your wall decor onto a whole other level. Furthermore, you can make your adjustments to your selected waterlilies posters to complement your overall aesthetic, colour schemes, interior design, and so on.

First thing first in waterlilies posters

All species of lilies belong to the genus Lilium, an umbrella category that houses more than 100 species of flower. That being said, lilies grow in nearly every shape and colour, as you can tell by looking at the waterlilies posters section. However, did you know that the calla lily and water lily are not really lilies? The calla lily is from a genus of flowering plant called Calla, whereas water lilies belong to the Nymphaeaceae family. However, for posterity's sake, we have created a category dedicated exclusively to water lilies. This will enable you to streamline and detail your selection of waterlilies posters. What makes lilies so attractive in real life is that they are perennial plants, meaning they can survive and grow in nature without much human intervention. The lily is also incredible for pollinators, attracting insects with its large colourful flowers and tasteful nectar. Equip your walls with these great flowers in the shape of waterlilies posters.

Placement and location

The beautiful water lily highly symmetrical and displays white or pink petal flowers, but the colours can also vary in different types. The diversity of the tones really works to your advantage when you use waterlilies posters. It allows you to play around and experiment with your interior design components. Just like the flowers themselves, these waterlilies posters are all beautiful and stylish but not all the types are suitable for one particular space. You need to choose different waterlilies posters for different rooms. Something artistic like "Water Lily in Fabric - Infographics" might be more suited to a more private room, like the bedroom or the main office at your workplace. The beautiful earthly tones of this waterlilies poster certainly lend an aura of comfort and intimacy. A motif like "Reflection", on the other hand, works both ways. This waterlilies poster can be a welcome sight in any common area such as the living room at home.

Symbolism in waterlilies posters

In Buddhism, the water lily is a symbol of enlightenment and purity because these gorgeous flowers emerge from the mud but are so fragrant and pretty. As such, waterlilies posters can be the gorgeous embodiment of your own new beginning in decorating a space. This flower also represents traits such as love, life and happiness, which makes waterlilies posters suitable for any domestic setting. "Morning Light" is a excellent example of a waterlilies poster that will make any room feel homely. Did you know that water lily is also July birth flower? Perhaps you can gift your family member or friend who was born in July a great waterlilies poster. They will never forget you and have a sublime wall decor to show for it.
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