One of the largest, most favorite and famous plant groups in the whole of America can now be the central theme in your interior decoration. Photowall has arranged a wonderful array ofRead more lupins posters that showcases a beautiful flower that owes its popularity primarily to its beautiful candy cane colours that occur in such great variety. The botanical name for Lupine flowers is "Lupinus" which is a genus of flowering plants that belong to the legume family called Fabaceae. Lupinus is a genus that consists of numerous other species and most of them are native to North and South America, but also other parts of the world as you will witness in lupins posters. Wildflowers of the lupine plant generally come in in hues of blues and white, although domesticated lupines offer flowers in blues, yellows, pinks and purples. These many colours will go a long way in helping you decorate the right way with lupins posters.

The origins in lupins posters

The name lupin comes from the Latin word for wolf. It was once mistakenly believed that the flower soaked all the nutrients from the soil when in actuality, it adds much needed nitrogen. As we go on, you will discover plenty of such tidbits in lupins posters. In the 18th century, lupins were introduced into northern Europe to improve soil quality. Agriculturally, many annual species were grown as food for livestock, pigs, and poultry. One of the most fascinating things you will learn in lupins posters is that this flower's seeds have been consumed throughout the Mediterranean region, Egypt and in the Andes for centuries. The seeds are a truly remarkable alternative source of protein, with their protein content similar to soy but containing less fat. Not only are lupins posters great to look at, but also valuable information spreaders.

Things they represent

The lupin flower stands for imagination, admiration and overall happiness. You could have probably guessed that already when looking at these gorgeous lupins posters. In gardening it is said that whether given as a gift or grown, the lupin flower brings the energy of inner strength to recover from things such as trauma. When given as a gift, it tells the receiver that a positive outlook leads to the discovery of new opportunities! So essentially, you can use lupins posters as a symbol of new beginnings. Imagine a lupins poster such as "Blue Lupins" in your newly minted apartment or office. It will give you a stylish boost and maximum visual weight. The wonderful hues and tones will definitely improve any sort of interior. Since colour is such a vital component of interior design, you really a massive advantage when you use lupins posters by Photowall.

Touch of nature with lupins posters

Having nature in your indoors is always a welcome and healthy sight. In many of our lupins posters, it is the combination of the flower with its immediate environment that makes the scene so idyllic and relaxing. Perfect for a focal point, these lupins posters are made from some of the finest photography around. Take for example our impressive "Gotland Summer Landscape" which brings together the wispy whiteness of high clouds with shimmering sky-blue waters, and the purples and soft blues of the lupin flowers. For a more dramatic lupins poster, you can try "Lupine Sunset" which has the distinct tinges of sunset colours, shown with late sunshine and deep shadows, where the tranquil hues of the flower dance just beyond. Both of these lupins posters bring natural elements together in glorious permutations, thereby providing a view that is almost as good as being there in the first place.
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