Colourful, breathtaking and visually stimulating are just some of the qualities poppies posters by Photowall will add to your interiors. These flowers can simply make any room look moRead morere amazing and attractive with their natural charm and beauty. Few flowers are as widely recognised as the poppy and even people with little knowledge of plants will generally be able to identify one. Not only does it have tenacious presence in the wild but it is also the poppy’s status as an emblem of remembrance that has ensured it is deeply embedded in society. This influential flower with a fascinating history can be part of your interior design with our poppies posters. Used all over the world as gifts and decorations, bring these enticers into your home, office or recreational space. As per usual, you can alter your selected poppies posters to complement your overall aesthetic, colour schemes and any other decorative elements that might come into play.

Information in poppies posters

Poppies are basically a flowering plant that belongs to the subfamily of Papaveroideae. These attractive plants are cultivated yearly and most species are specifically used for gardening, but also medicine and even food. With poppies posters, you not only have a great wall decor to look at, but also a useful tool in different avenues for humanity. The seeds of this plant are rich in oil, protein, calcium and carbohydrates. Making poppies posters even more interesting is the well-known fact that one species of it is famous for being a source of the narcotic drug opium. This compound contains powerful alkaloids like morphine, which is commonly used in medical practice, and has been used throughout history as a narcotic medicine and recreation drug. No need to worry though, as the only thing addicting about poppies posters by Photowall is their beauty and allure.

Various types

People tend to lump poppies into one category when in fact there are more than 70 species of Papaver, in a wide range of shapes and colours. Its versatility is one of its strengths and just one of the many reasons why poppies posters are so popular among interior designers. You can have things like Celandine Poppy which have bristly stems, their leaves have wavy edges and are lobed. The flowers have four yellow petals that are unique in their long style as you can see in the poppies poster ensemble named "Poppies - Colorful". There are also Prickly Poppies, Matilija Poppies, Pygmy Poppies, Wind Poppies, Desert Bearpaw Poppies, Tulip Poppies, Tree Poppies, Dendromecon Poppies, Dwarf Poppies, Long Pricklyhead Poppies, Fire Poppies and Ice Poppies. Example of these can be found in poppies posters. You can go for real life photography like in the motif titled "Dreamy Fields of Poppies". This wonderful poppies poster really evokes a peaceful feeling and the hope of a sunrise. If you are more artistically inclined, perhaps "Poppies - Vincent Van Gogh is more for you. Who could say no to a poppies poster inspired by the artistic legend that is Van Gogh?

Poppies posters and their representations

The red poppy is perhaps the most famous symbol used to commemorate those who sacrificed their lives in World War One and conflicts that followed. Wearing a poppy was inspired by the fields of poppies that grew where many of the battles were fought. Poppies posters can be your way of paying tribute to those heroes of yesteryear. The white poppy is handed out by a charity called Peace Pledge Union, which promotes peace. They say that the white poppy commemorates people who died in conflict, but focuses on achieving peace and challenging the way we look at war. This is also a wonderful trait to emit in using poppies posters by Photowall.
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