Caves & Caverns

Caves & caverns posters by Photowall is an incredibly enticing assortment of images that can transform your area into a visually appealing space. To make your selection process easiRead moreer and more cohesive, it is better to have a fundamental understanding of what the basic difference between a cave and a cavern is. A cave is essentially any cavity in the ground that is large enough that some portion of it will not receive direct sunlight, while a cavern is a specific type of cave, naturally formed in soluble rock with the ability to grow speleothems. So in essence, although a cavern can accurately be called a cave, all caves cannot be called caverns. No need to worry though, as all these motifs in caves & caverns posters are stunningly rich in detail and wonder. Even though a veil of darkness cloaks the natural beauty of caves, where some are found in cliffs at the edge of the coastline or where a lava tube's outer surface cools and hardens and the inside of the molten rock, caves & caverns posters will bring the amazing beauty of Mother Earth into your home or office.

Significance of caves & caverns posters

A cave is not just a naturally occurring area under the surface of the Earth, but often also a system of interconnected passageways created by the weathering of rock. They have been used throughout human history as shelter, for burials and as religious sites. Many archaeological treasures and ancient paintings have been found in caves all around the world. Caves & caverns posters is a carefully selected array that highlights this significant natural wonder. Secret Cave, for example, exhibits just why caves are so popular when it comes to tourism. Not only is the water pristine, but also hidden away and thus a beautiful secret. The intrigue these places create is also present in caves & caverns posters, where each motif has its individual character and charm, not to mention stunning beauty.

The process of formation

Most caves form in karst, where a mix of water with a slightly acidic tinge and rain mixed with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere falls to the ground and then picks up more of the gas as it seeps into the soil. This combination is an acidic solution that dissolves calcite, the main mineral of karst rocks. As the acidic water percolates down into the Earth through cracks and fractures, it creates a network of passages like an underground plumbing system. The passages widen as more water seeps down, allowing even more water to flow through. You can witness the end product of this ancient process in caves & caverns posters. Deep Crack is just one of those magnificent sights presented in this array of natural wonders. In some ways, caves & caverns posters are representative of nature's final frontier, the subterranean universe of mazelike passages, vast chambers, cascading waterfalls and extraordinary natural sculptures just waiting to be discovered. Logically, humans have come up with spelunking, which is the recreational sport of exploring caves. You can see one of these daredevils in the fantastic motif called Diver Between Tectonic Plates.

The variety in caves & caverns posters

Caves & caverns posters provide you with stunning real life images such as Hinagdanan Cave Pool. The Hinagdanan Cave is one of the many wondrous caves in the island province of Bohol on the beautiful archipelago that is the Philippines. A fun fact to know about this particular site is that the cave was accidentally discovered by a farmer while clearing his land. He found two holes and curiously dropped a stone, heard a splash and built a ladder to access the cave and its hidden beauty. Caves & caverns posters also possesses works of art that are truly amazing, as you can see in artistic interpretations like Fafner and The Cave, which depict caves in a whole new light, giving your space new meaning and depth.
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