Geographical Locations

Geography is quite simply the study of places and by extension, the examination of the relationships between people and their respective environments. Our high-quality assemblage of gRead moreeographical locations wallpaper will certainly shine a light on specific places and the strength of the relationship between said places and its people. With maps and skyline, geographical locations wallpaper can convey your travel experience or wishes to your selected room or space.

Using geographical locations wallpaper as ornamentation

Due to Photowall's unique and first-rate assortment of geographical locations wallpaper, you have the ability to choose your preferred design and then even make specific adjustments and alterations to suit your overall layout. Take a gander at these remarkable motifs, stretching from the grand old continent of Europe to the vibrant and relatively young mainland United States. These tremendous illustrations and works of art are done in maps and skylines style, which would match both a living space and a working area. The various hues and shades employed also give you the option of making great matches or contrasting mixes, depending on your creative input and complete composition of decoration.


Despite it being one of the smallest of the 7 continents after Australia, Europe is home to about 11% of the Earth’s population. Comprised of approximately 50 countries and several other territories, Europe also includes islands such as Iceland, Sicily, and the British Isles. The old world, as it used to be called, has played host to many historic events over the course of our human annals that have left a lasting, global effect and shaped the continent, as well as the world we know today. Which brings us to using geographical locations wallpaper of Europe as an alluring proposition for a particular space, affording you not just a great conversation starter, but also symbolic of your sophistication and unquenching thirst for knowledge.

Geographical locations wallpaper as learning tool

Our top-notch geographical locations wallpaper is not just stylish in appearance, but also a favorable accessory to education. Just like the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations, from which we get much of our learning and culture, flourished in Europe, so can we impart a bit of knowledge to our home or office, and the guests you might have over. You can see the traces of history in our skylines collection of almost every major city in Europe. Illustrated in beautifully lush colours or the eternal class of black and white, geographical locations wallpaper look great in a hallway due to their inherent horizontal nature. The Paris Skyline Black is a particularly striking sample, not just because it looks glorious, but also because there nothing quite as iconic as the Eiffel Tower, to typify the romance of Europe.

Going stateside

The United States of America is a fascinating country, not just because it is quite young compared to most countries in the world, but also due to it's grandiose mix of races, cultures and the North American continent being so diverse in terms of geography. The ultimate melting pot, the US has become a huge influence on global affairs. New York is probably it's most famous city, which is why Photowall's geographical locations wallpaper features so much of the very recognizable Big Apple skyline. Avery Tillmon - New York Skyline is a markedly whimsical item, which would look great in a home hallway or a big office.

Maps as geographical locations wallpaper

Uncle Sam, a common nickname for the United States of America, has so much to offer when it comes to travel and new experiences. Keeping track of all the places one can go in the US is quite tricky. This is why we always have a convenient geographical locations wallpaper in the form of a United States Map. Hand Lettered US Map Blueprint will have you consciously or subconsciously memorizing all the 50 states in no time!
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