Every life on the earth is directly or indirectly dependent on plants, which is why they are such a welcome sight when used in indoor space. Among the many different parts of a plant,Read more the leaf is the most essential. This is partially why Photowall has assembled a great lineup of leaves posters from the category of plant parts. There is plenty of variety in terms of design, colours and context to be chosen from. You will have artistic interpretations of all sorts but with a common theme of being interesting, pleasant and stylish. Whether you choose to revamp your home, the workplace or even just a recreational area, leaves posters are the ideal tool to use. You can always modify your selected motifs to go along with your existing or planned interior design, various colour schemes and any other decoration components you might utilise.

The subcategories of leaves posters

Inside leaves posters, there are a couple of smaller tiers, one of which is called Palm Leaves. This kind of leaf is classified as a tropical and shades leaf. These are mostly huge leaves that capture any photons of light that might make it down to the forest floor, through the tall canopy and many layers of vegetation. Plants with these kinds of leaves tend to be dark green, with tons of chlorophyll so that they can maximize photosynthesis. You can see this in leaves posters like "Twilight Palms II" or "Jungle Leaves". In this cluster of leaves posters, you might also notice some notable visitors in the form of animals and humans. "Exposive" is a beautiful example of this, combining the beauty of leaves posters with a gorgeous figure. This type of wall decor can change the entire visual weight and balance of a room. You can also choose leaves posters from Autumn Leaves, Leaf Veins and Maple Leaves. Each of these subcategories comes with their individual charm and appeal.

True importance

Aside from the obvious visual appeal and charm of leaves posters, this category also sheds a light on how we value this part of the plant, and of course the plant itself. Leaves provide food and air to help a plant stay healthy and grow, since leaves are essentially the plants food factory. Through photosynthesis, they turn light energy into food by combining water from the soil and carbon dioxide gas from the air to make sugar. Through pores, or stomata as they are scientifically referred to, leaves "breathe" in carbon dioxide and "breathe" out oxygen. In general leaves are green, as you will see in most of the leaves posters we have in store for you. Oxygen is released during that aforementioned process, which is called respiration. Not only is it enjoyable to have leaves posters in your space, but also educational and representative of how you care and value the environment. You can even combine these leaves posters with real plants to really show off your green thumb!

Leaves posters for all

With the aforementioned diversity in colour and designs, plus the notable visitors from the animal world, you have an ideal decoration agent for children's spaces in these leaves posters. Affable characters and warm colours can have a positive effect on a kid's mental well-being, as well as being fun and interesting, not to mention educational. Any child's bedroom, study area or play space would benefit from leaves posters on their walls. "Into the Jungle" can stimulate them into becoming more interested and invested in Mother Nature. "Parrot Friends - Sepia" can nurture an affinity for birds and the conservation of species. Leaves posters can have such a positive and informative impact on a child, which bodes well for our planet's future.
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