Palm Leaves

For some of us, sometimes the stress of city life can get too much and we need a bit of an escape. Ideally, this would be to a physical or mental place that is in nature, as such an eRead morenvironment is healthy and can help us relax. With Photowall's superb selection of palm leaves posters, you can have such a temporary escape tool right within your interiors. Palm leaves posters have a diverse selection where gorgeous designs and sublime colour combinations reign supreme. Not only will the nature lover in you be satisfied, but the artistic side as well. The many different styles and interpretations will lend your room incredible visual appeal and weight. Use palm leaves posters in your home, the office or even a simple recreational space. You also have the option to adjust your chosen items to match, or contrast, with an established interior design or a planned colour scheme.

Something for all

With the diversity in colour and designs, plus the notable visitors from the animal world, you have an ideal decoration agent for children's spaces in these palm leaves posters. Affable characters and warm colours can have a positive effect on a kid's mental well-being, as well as being fun and interesting, not to mention educational. Any child's bedroom, study area or play space would benefit from palm leaves posters in their rooms. "Hello Jungle Animals" can stimulate them into becoming more interested and invested in Mother Nature. "Tropical Bird Friends" can nurture an affinity for birds and the conservation of species. Palm leaves posters can have such a positive and informative impact on a child, which bodes well for our planet's future.

The significance of palm leaves posters

Aside from the obvious visual appeal and charm of palm leaves posters, this category also sheds a light on how we value this part of the plant, and of course the plant itself. Leaves provide food and air to help a plant stay healthy and grow, since leaves are essentially the plants food factory. Through photosynthesis, they turn light energy into food by combining water from the soil and carbon dioxide gas from the air to make sugar. Through pores, or stomata as they are scientifically referred to, leaves "breathe" in carbon dioxide and "breathe" out oxygen. In general leaves are green, as you will see in most of the palm leaves posters we have in store for you. Not only is it enjoyable to have palm leaves posters in your space, but also educational and representative of how you care and value the environment. You can even combine these palm leaves posters by Photowall with real plants to really show your green thumb.

Additional info

The palm leaf is classified as a tropical and shades leaf. These are mostly huge leaves that capture any photons of light that might make it down to the forest floor, through the tall canopy and many layers of vegetation. Plants with these kinds of leaves tend to be dark green, with tons of chlorophyll so that they can maximize photosynthesis. You can see this in palm leaves posters like "Twilight Palms II". In palm leaves posters, you might also notice some notable visitors in the form of animals and humans. Exposive is a beautiful example of this, combining the beauty of palm leaves posters with a gorgeous and attractive figure. This type of wall decor can change the entire visual weight and balance of a room. For something more subtle, check out the beautiful motif "Piece of Paradise - Viridescent". This may look only simple at first, but it absolutely rocks!
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