If you want some of the friendliest, most caring and intelligent creatures in the world to be the central theme of your interior decoration, you have come to the right place. Our supeRead morerb collection of dolphins posters will not just delight the young, but the old as well. These motifs are super appealing in design, vibrant with gorgeous hues and feature one of the most popular animals in the whole world. Scientists believe that by the ratio size of brain to body, dolphins take the second place right after us humans! Bring these affable aquatic animals into your residential, recreational or even corporate space with our dolphins posters. The healthy variety in our category ensures that you can make your pick from real life photographs that make you feel like you are swimming right along these mammals, to works of art that give these beings more depth and meaning. Enjoy the selection process of dolphins posters and remember that you can always adjust your chosen items to match, or contrast, with your existing interior design and colour schemes.

Background information for dolphins posters

These amazing creatures are part of the family of toothed whales which also include orcas and pilot whales. Dolphins can be found worldwide and mostly in shallow seas of the continental shelves. They are known for their agility and playful behavior which makes them such favorites among observers. Dolphins posters reflect the fact that these creatures are social animals and live in groups of five to several hundred! Do not let their friendly nature fool you though, they use sophisticated echolocation for hunting prey and usually hunt together in packs, much like wolves. Most people tend to clump in all dolphins together, but actually there are around 40 different species. While the majority of them spend their lives in saltwater, many can survive just fine in freshwater. Bring these multifaceted critters into your interiors with items such as "Pod of Dolphin". Beautifully simple, this dolphins poster can convey a sense of wonder but also serenity at the same time.

The symbolism

There is something inherently reassuring and peaceful about the dolphin's playful antics, as you will see in dolphins posters. They even appear to be happily grinning most of the time! We know that dolphins, like humans, are intelligent, and possess a strong sense of community which is also why for centuries, many ancient cultures have given dolphins a special place in their legends, myth and folklore. This is also why dolphins posters can make for a great focal point in your home, office or hangout place. To this day, seafaring cultures continue to value dolphins as a symbol of protection or a good omen, at least. This notion also has its roots in fact as pods of dolphins frequent shipping lanes and coastal areas where humans dwell. Thus for the earliest seafarers, a dolphin would have been a welcome sight and sign that dry land was not far away, just like dolphins posters after a long day at work.

Dolphins posters for the youngsters

As already mentioned, dolphins are very popular, especially among the children. Their friendly nature and social skills definitely contribute to that. In dolphins posters by Photowall, you will find that practically the entire category consists of motifs that can be used in kids' spaces. Images like "Jumping Dolphines" or "Between Air and Water" will delight any child, of any age. You can have the realism of dolphins posters like "Encounter with Dolphin" or the more playful and childish "Dolphin Sunrise". Either way, you are guaranteed to find the right fit for your child's bedroom, study area or playpen.
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