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White Jellyfish - Poster - Kitchen




One of the most unique creatures in the entire world can now be the focal point of your interior design. Photowall's jellyfish posters can be the standout in your wall decor. Even thoRead moreugh this remarkable being often gets a terrible reputation when it comes to their relationship with humans, there is no doubt that it is mesmerizing and mysterious at the same time. Jellyfish posters are very flexible as their various colour combinations can be used in residential as well as recreational spaces, even corporate one. Anatomically, jellyfish are relatively simple animals because they lack not just brains, but also blood and bones, and possess only rudimentary sense organs. Despite the name, jellyfish are not fish. As a matter of fact, they are not any one thing. This makes jellyfish posters such an intriguing theme to have in your interiors. Not only do they occupy different branches of the animal family tree, but they also live in different habitats. In jellyfish posters you will see that some like the ocean surface and others the depths. What unites these truly uncommon things is that they have gelatinous bodies that seem to merely float through existence.

Colours in jellyfish posters

Not surprisingly, given their diverse evolutionary history, jellyfish exhibit a fantastic range of shapes, sizes, behaviors and colours. This makes them the ideal subject for an interior decoration in the forms of our diverse jellyfish posters. You can go light with items like "La Rochelle Jellyfish" or more dark and edgy with jellyfish posters such as "Giant Lions Mane". It is only a matter of matching, or contrasting, them with your existing interior design, colour schemes and other decorative elements. Any home, office or hangout spot would benefit from the visual weight generated by these jellyfish posters. Colour is a very important factor in revamping a room, since it can dictate our moods and the overall ambiance in the area. Some of these jellyfish posters might even be a bit too much for certain spaces, such as children's. The alien appearance of these fantastic creatures can perhaps spook them a bit too much. Nonetheless, jellyfish posters also have child-friendly images like the vibrant "Under the Sea", where the subject can be seen coexisting peacefully with other marine creatures.

The fountain of youth

Possibly the most compelling of all the jellyfish is Turritopsis dohrnii, the so-called immortal jellyfish which resembles a tiny, hairy thimble and lives in the Mediterranean Sea and also off Japan. Members of this species can reverse the aging process by instead of dying, they regenerate themselves as juveniles which then starts the jellyfish’s life cycle all over again. In this miraculous process called transdifferentiation, it is as if a frog were to revert to a tadpole, or a butterfly to a caterpillar. This is something which you can share with whoever views your jellyfish posters, as it is truly an amazing fact of nature. Aside from the jellyfish posters stunning them with their visual appeal, it can also create a sense of wonder.

More samples of jellyfish posters

Another remarkable thing to know is that in the year 1991, moonfish jellyfish travelled into outer space on the Space Shuttle Columbia so that scientists could examine how microgravity affected them. What happened next is quite simply jaw-dropping, as the jellyfish multiplied in space! When they came back to Earth, the scientists discovered that the space-born jellyfish could not figure out how to deal with gravity. Jellyfish posters like "Space Jelly" can capture the spirit of that event, becoming one of the most memorable sights in interior decoration. If you are going for a softer tone, "Lovers" can be the jellyfish poster for you. This would even make for a gorgeous decor in your bedroom, displaying affection through the unlikeliest of channels.
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