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Winter Blues in the Woods - Wallpaper - Kitchen




Scandinavian Surface – In The Woods & The Hidden Bird

Dress up fall with new motifs from the Norwegian designers Scandinavian Surface. Since the beginning, Photowall and Scandinavian Surface have collaborated on wallpaper, and time afterRead more time Scandinavian Surface creates beautiful best-selling wallpaper collections with solid Scandinavian style, great integrity and nice finesse. This time it's a two-part collection called In The Woods & The Hidden Bird, consisting of 10 powerful wallpapers. 

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Come in to the enchanted forest with us!

Scandinavian Surface's endless fascination for trees and nature has once again provided inspiration for a new wallpaper collection. They have chosen an adventurous approach to the project and moved into the enchanted forest throughout the seasons. The tree trunks are full of life and stories. The branches intertwine to form the light filigree of nature. The vibrant colours seamlessly alternate between warn and cool tones, forming beautiful and natural palettes. Come in to the enchanted forest with us!

In the Woods

The In the Woods collection takes you into an organic, elegant forest where no trees are alike, and the composition is formed by powerful graphic contrasts and sober colours. Patterns and colours reflect Nordic nature and seasons in bold springy green tones, subdued melancholy autumn moods, blue winter days and cool summer nights. The design spans over 10 meters before the pattern repeats and allows us to walk along a long wall and constantly discover something new, as it is in real life forests. In the Woods is perfect for long stretches of wall, and you can choose a cut that fits your wall, no matter the size. Discover and enjoy details in patterns and colours and look for the little secrets that always hide in the woods…

The Hidden Bird

The Hidden Bird collection is the gentle, fragrant forest that embrace you in glowing colours, delicate contrasts and soft forest floor. The palette is assembled to fit many materials and interiors. All designs consist of both cold and warm colours, as nature itself does throughout all seasons. In the forest you can always hear the birds singing. But where are they? Tucked between the branches, they live their secret lives. But if you sit down and seek with your eyes, you might see them.
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