Living room

Restyling your living room can seem a major project, and expensive too. But sometimes all you have to do to create a new feel is change a rug, put up new canvas prints or add some scaRead moretter cushions. Here are our top quick and easy tips for giving your living room a new look.

Personalised prints on the wall

Changing the pictures is a quick and easy way to give your living room a completely new feel. All you have to do is pick some wall art you love. Trust your instincts, but it’s worth making sure that whatever you hang on your walls fits in with the rest of your home.

Canvas prints

Before you start hanging canvas prints, we’ve put together a few suggestions so you can avoid drilling unnecessary holes in your walls. Always have a tape measure and spirit level handy to make sure you have your prints the right distance apart and that you’ve hung them straight. Are you going to be hanging more than one canvas print? Use the size and shape of the wall as your starting point. On a wide wall, prints are best positioned in a horizontal line, while on a thin wall they’ll look their best arranged vertically, especially if any larger prints are hung above smaller ones. If you’re going for a gallery wall layout, try hanging the prints according to the golden ratio or arranged along a line. But, if you dare, you can ignore all the advice and just put up prints at random – mix sizes, frames, and motifs and put them up however you want. Even then it's a good idea to visualise the wall first, either by creating a mood board or by setting out the prints on the floor first and moving them around until you are satisfied.

Details make the difference

Sometimes just a few small changes to your living room are enough to create a whole new look. It's kinder on your wallet and means you won't need to find everything at once. But remember what range of colours and style you want for the room so you get the effect you want when you change the rugs, curtains, lamps and other details.
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