If you have a home office it’s likely to see a lot of use, but it’s also a room that’s often forgotten when it comes to decorating. Creating a new look doesn't require major changes oRead morer have to be particularly difficult. Just adding some new houseplants and canvas prints can do the trick, as can moving the furniture around.

Go for the gallery look

For many people, the last thing they want to do is spend time and energy on styling their home office, but if you work from home a lot, it's a room that should inspire you as well as being a haven of peace and quiet. Ultimately it really pays off to give your home office a little TLC. And a wall full of prints can make all the difference. You don’t need to put it together all at once. Let it take shape organically. If you find a canvas print you like, start by putting that up while you look for more prints and posters. Office decor shouldn’t feel too cluttered or take too much focus from work. This is why it's worth picking monochrome motifs and having the same style for the frames. The advantage of working from home is that you are free to choose exactly what you want on the walls. This means you can hang your children's drawings or motifs that might not really fit in the rest of your home – you’re the one who spends the most time there, so go with what you really enjoy. For instance, perhaps you want canvas prints of famous paintings, framed memories, family photos or graphic prints. Or you can bring nature indoors with leaf motifs and prints of forests and green plants. Besides being beautiful, they’re nice to rest your eye on when taking a break from work.

Small changes

If you need more storage space in your office that can be the moment to create a new style. You can update your desk with filing boxes, penholders and storage boxes, or even invest in a new filing cabinet. Another easy way to change your room is to add plants and foliage. Put a step stool next to your desk as a plant stand, or put up shelves for storage and the occasional houseplant. You can also put flowers on the windowsill and the desk to create a wonderful green oasis.

Decorating the walls of your office

The office is a place where it actually reflects your personality while retaining professionalism. As such, decorating the walls of the office can make the space feel more comfortable to you and your co-workers. It also helps the workers in the office to be more creative in what they do. So, there are many different ways to decorate the office which will help in the productivity and behavior of its occupants. In addition to the wonderful wall murals, you may also add texture and differentiate the space by playing these motifs off of one another. Adding a plants, for example, that match the furniture pieces as well as the wall mural art can have the effect that will stimulate the mind. You may also add matching frames that may draw the attention away from the piled paperwork and other work-related items. Therefore, whatever design or decoration you want to have for your office space, they will truly help in setting its mood and atmosphere. With a little creativity and imagination, you will also be having a unique and attractive office interior that may attract potential partners to help the business grow. Think about it.
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