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Kids Room



Kids Room

New interests, new toys, new styles. Children's rooms are constantly changing and need to be updated if they’re to keep up, and that’s very true of the decoration. But you don't alwayRead mores need to make major changes to keep things up to date. Sometimes it's enough to put new books on the bookshelves, replace the pictures on the wall and buy new cushions for the bed.

Hot tip: Restyle kids’ rooms with canvas prints

Why not start putting together a gallery wall of prints when your child is still small? It can be a work in progress, changing as your child grows. Begin with some prints you’re really happy with and then replace the motifs or canvas prints when it's time for something new – that way you can alter the look of the room without having to drill new holes. You can kick off with a collection of the best baby scribbles, children's drawings, and family photos. When your children are a bit older, they may want to help choose. That’s the time to go all out and really mix your colors, both in the motifs and the frames.Remember that it’s the children who’ll spend most time in the room, so it’s they who have to be pleased with how it looks.

Change the details for a whole new look

Have your child’s interests changed or have you grown tired of the styling details? Before you head for the shops, consider whether it's possible to change what you’ve got. A bed can be repainted, a poster will be like new in a different frame, and drawers can be redone in your child's new favourite colour. Take a look at the rest of your home. Can you move a chest of drawers from your bedroom into your child's room, or perhaps a nice rug? Finding things to make over or move to a new spot can be a fun DIY project for the whole family.

Decorating to last

Don’t forget that kids grow when you’re picking furniture and decor for your child's room. When your child is moving from a cot to a real bed, go for an extendable bed that can be pulled out as your child grows. If you want it to last a long time, it may also be a good idea to buy one that is relatively neutral and stylish rather than childish, so it can be repainted if you want a new colour. A desk is another piece of furniture that can last a lifetime. Shelving systems can be ideal for this, with the desk being raised as the child grows, or you can just use a desk top with adjustable legs or trestles.
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