Change the bedspread, recover the headboard, or repaint the bedside tables and suddenly you’ll have a brand-new bedroom. New reading lights are never wrong, and of course why not put Read moreup some canvas prints? You can create a whole new feel in your bedroom just by adjusting a few small details.

Transform the room with canvas prints

Arm yourself with some of your favourite motifs and a sense of adventure and you can transform your bedroom by filling the walls with art. Start out by choosing some prints you like. You can combine canvas prints with graphic prints, paintings and your children's drawings. You don’t have to do a whole wall all at once. Let it take shape gradually. But whatever pictures and prints you choose, try to hold the mood by choosing the same style or range of colours. Start from the middle when you begin hanging prints so there’s space to add pictures when you find more motifs you like. Sometimes it’s not easy to choose between several prints, and you’ll need to rely on your gut feeling and the help of other family members and their views. That’s why it’s good not to be in a hurry – take your time to decide what you like, especially for a bedroom, a place you want to spend a lot of time in peace and quiet. To make things easier, we’ve listed some good colours to start with when choosing motifs for your bedroom. Pink tones are soothing and are the colour of love for many. Both dark and light pinks are ideal for bedroom walls. Green is a colour that breathes peace and quiet, which is why it’s a good choice for prints in the bedroom. A flash of red makes a perfect accent colour in the paintings and graphic prints on the walls. Grey and black go well with everything. OK, perhaps we’re getting carried away, but it’s true that both grey and black look good in a bedroom, whether as base colours or for detailing.

Small changes to great effect

A new throw, cushions and curtains are among the small details that are easy to change but make a big difference. These are things that can be a little more playful and stand out from the room's existing range of colours, as you can alter them whenever you feel like it. You can sell your old things at a flea market or give them away to friends and acquaintances.


Have you had your eye on some new nightstands or perhaps a new dresser? Why not give a makeover to the things you already have instead? Usually all you need is your imagination and a dab of paint. Repaint the nightstands and choose a contrasting color for the legs if you want to make the room feel playful. Furniture decals and painted patterns are an easy way to create a nice look with larger pieces of furniture. And create a striking and practical clothes stand by spray-painting a tree branch.
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