We all know that the majority of organic plant life starts out as a seed. While going through this category by Photowall named seeds canvas prints, you will find out exactly what a seRead moreed is and how important this part of the plant, or flower, truly is. Nonetheless, the most essential function of the seed is housing an embryo, a new plant, by nourishing and protecting it. With this in mind, perhaps seeds canvas prints make most sense to use as decorative theme in a home. Aside from these main functions, seeds are also used as food for humans and animals, as spices, as beverages and even as as industrial products. Please do not forget that not all seeds are this useful and as a matter of fact, some are poisonous! As you will see in seeds canvas prints, these things seeds vary not only in their size, but also in terms of other factors like dispersal method and germination, among many others. A great example of these differences used by people in the know-how is comparing the seed of the coconut palm to the minute seeds of an orchid. Each of these seeds has a different method of dispersal, obviously, and certain requirements that are only found in their respective natural environments. There are also various environments present in seeds canvas prints.

Defining the main element

Plant life starts with seeds, except if the plant reproduces by spores or vegetative. This byproduct of a flower or flower-like structure is sometimes encased in fruits. There are so many examples we could cite like the grain seeds we commonly grow such as corn, wheat and rice. Even though each has a different appearance, the seed is still the primary part of the plant we eat. There are plenty of other examples to be found in seeds canvas prints. "Kitchen Illustration - Peas" displays one of these. The likes of peas, beans and other legumes grow from seeds found in their pods, which is very evident in this specific seeds canvas print. Then there are also some seeds which are grown just for their edible seeds, like the popular sesame seeds. We will not even get started on the seeds made into beverages like coffee and those with commercial oil value, such as canola. The uses of seeds are as diverse as the seeds themselves, which is also beautifully reflected in seeds canvas prints. While modern cultivation has manipulated many seeds in varying ways, the basic make up remains the same. The seed possesses some sort of protective cover wherein it houses the embryo and its initial food source.

Most prominent in seeds canvas prints

As you might have noticed, there is one particular flower that is heavily featured in seeds canvas prints by Photowall. Although very common and known, did you know that the word dandelion comes from the French phrase "Dent de Lion"? This essentially means lion’s tooth due to the appearance of its leaves, which you can see in many seeds canvas prints. Every part of this flower is useful, from the root to the leaves and even the flower. The leaves are edible and contain vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, C, K and potassium, iron and manganese. Dandelion leaves and roots are said to be good for a number of conditions, including detoxification, inflammation and digestion. As you can see, not only will you have a stylish wall decor in seeds canvas prints showcasing dandelions, but also something that can be educational. The many variations in seeds canvas prints where you can see dandelions floating and flying will really upgrade your interior design. Pieces such as "Three Dandelion Seeds" or "Dandelion Seeds in the Wind" can match any home or office decor.

Placement and usage

Whether small or large, the kitchen is the central hub of the home where the meals are created, which in turn fuels the bodies, minds and souls of family and friends. It makes sense to turn this particular segment of the home or office into a healthy and appealing environment, especially when you use these appealing seeds canvas prints. Instantly convert your formerly boring kitchen into the main meeting and talking point within your residence or work space. These refreshing seeds canvas prints and vintage interpretations will make the kitchen the focal point, inviting conversation and debate. Make sure that the contrast provided by seeds canvas prints fit in with your other decorative elements and especially the colour schemes already present in the kitchen.
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