A thorn, spine, or prickle is commonly defined as spinose structures which are hard extensions of leaves, roots, stems, or buds with sharp ends, These extensions serve as a defense meRead morechanism for plants that deter animals from feeding on them. By botanical classification, thorns come from shoots, spines come from leaves, and prickles come from epidermis tissue. Photowall pays tribute to this prickly yet useful part of a plant with its own collection of thorns canvas prints. These images depict these spinose structures as they proliferate all over flora to protect these green wonders of nature. Hang a few of these thorns canvas prints on the walls of your living room and infuse the space with a quirky and unconventional vibe. Your loved ones and guests will not stop wondering why, of all things, it was these thorns canvas prints that you decided to put in this common space. But notice how their eyes will be drawn to these thorns canvas prints and will scarcely be able to tear their gaze away from them. They will look for ever more inventive reasons to linger in this area with all these thorns canvas prints around them. Let these thorns canvas prints be a mainstay in your home.

Prickly in thorns canvas prints

Thorns have acquired a bad reputation throughout history. Having a thorn in your side means you have a problem that will not easily go away. While being a thorn among the roses shows your imperfections while being surrounded by beauty. And even in Christianity, Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, was made to suffer by wearing a crown of thorns before He was crucified, No wonder thorns have gotten such a bad rap in our culture. Photowall lets you see the good side for once with “Atacama Cactus II”, “Agave Succulent”, and “Echinopsis Cacti” in its unique collection of thorns canvas prints. These images depict these protective extensions of the plant as they appear on the more popular greens that we recognize. Hang a few of these thorns canvas prints in your recreation room and feel the vibrancy and freshness that these images bring. Your moments of grown-up amusement will never be more engaging than when you have these thorns canvas prints on the walls. There is practically no room or wall that cannot be livened up by having these thorns canvas prints on them. These thorns canvas prints are a guaranteed hit in your urban dwelling.

Protective in thorns canvas prints

People sometimes forget that plants are aggressive living things. This owes to the fact that, unlike humans or animals, they do not have a very noticeable sense of motion. But plants grow, fight, feed, reproduce and protect themselves everyday. These are the traits, not only of a dynamic lifeform but of a sentient being. They grow thorns on their branches and leaves as a protective mechanism so animals will not eat them. In the plains of Africa, Acacia trees are known to grow to dizzying heights once giraffes begin to graze on their leaves. They grow thorns quickly on their lower branches to discourage these tall animals from making their parts into a snack. Photowall lets you see things in a new light with “Golden Ball Cactus”, “Golden Barrel Cactus”, and “Prickly Blue” in its remarkable collection of thorns canvas prints. These images feature a few more ways that thorns protect the plants that they grow on. Hang a few of these thorns canvas prints in your lounging den and feel the calming and relaxing energy that they give out. Multiply the soothing factor in this space a hundredfold by having these thorns canvas prints on the walls. Simply gazing in quiet rumination at these thorns canvas prints can ease away the worries and cares of the day.

Sharp and pointy

In the ancient Japanese philosophy of Bushido, it is taught that once a warrior has achieved oneness with the universe, even a thorn can be used as a weapon. A thorn is also meant to signify protection and resilience. They say that a drop of rain that has stuck to a thorn is the most intoxicating nectar on Earth. In other cultures, a thorn connotes the health of the plant and all that is connected to it. It is no wonder then that this elemental yet indispensable product of nature has come to mean different things in different cultures. Photowall broadens your understanding with “Cactus No 4”, “Black Cactus”, and “Cactus-Beige” in its fine line of thorns canvas prints. These images depict thorns in a more singular and meaningful light. Hang a few of these thorns canvas prints atop your bed, in your sleeping quarters, and feel as though you are closing your eyes in one of the most beautiful deserts in the world. Let these thorns canvas prints fill your dreams with images of green fields and open plains.
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