Even though flowers and plants themselves are already a great theme to have as your interior decoration, their individual parts can make your selection even more specific. One of the Read moremost important but also easy on the eyes features of a flower is the stamen. Photowall has put together an assortment of stamen canvas prints to cover this vital element. Essentially, the stamen is the male reproductive organ of a flower which produces the pollen. This is very important because pollinators like bees spread it and thus ensure the proliferation of the individual species, which in turn leads to the balance of the particular ecosystem. Stamen canvas prints showcase some of the most prominent kinds of flowers and plants out there, while shining a light on its own varying parts. The stamen has two main parts that are called anther and stalk, with the former also sometimes referred to as a filament. As you might be able to glimpse in stamen canvas prints, the pollen is released by the opening of the anther. This pollen is then carried by the aforementioned pollinators, but also just wind, to the receptive surface of the stigma of the same or another flower. This beautiful and meaningful process is captured in a lot of our stamen canvas prints. As per usual, you can choose your stamen canvas prints to be modified in order for them to match, or contrast, with your existing interior design and colour schemes.

Appeal of stamen canvas prints

This particular category showcases that flowers are not just limited to being pretty but that they can also be lush and untamed blooming plants that can make any room come alive. Adding stamen canvas prints like our series of "Meadow Flowers" to your home can put not only a smile to almost everyone’s face, while also improving moods like flowers in hospitals that help patients recover faster. These stamen canvas prints come in so many different colours and hues that you will easily be able to place them in all sorts of spaces. The incredible diversity of stamen canvas prints also makes them a sort of surprise by being unpredictably attractive and capturing. Stamen canvas prints can instantly transform a living room, hallway, or any other space into something uncommon and splendid, with their visual appeal and at times the mysterious design, which intrigues and provokes the viewer.

Artists' favorites

When it comes to talking about types of flowers, the one that first enters the mind of most people is the rose. The romantic connotation of roses can be traced back to centuries of literature and art. It is no wonder that they have been used in so many works of art, which are also present in this category of stamen canvas prints. Stamen canvas prints that feature the rose can be an inspiration for you to express your artistic views and desires. Perhaps you can put stamen canvas prints in your foyer or even an arts & craft room. Roses in works of art always seem so vivid to us because the colours and the appearance of this flower trigger in us certain memories. Stamen canvas prints such as "White Christmas Rose", for example, can remind us of sniffing in the aroma coming from Grandmother's garden or the scent of Mother's perfume.

More stamen canvas prints examples

Another famous kind of flower is the amenone, which sprang from Aphrodite's tears as she mourned the death of Adonis, according to Greek mythology. This connects stamen canvas prints that display this flower with loyalty and love, since it is said that where Aphrodite's tears and Adonis' blood touched the earth, anemones grew. This can make stamen canvas prints like "Anemone" a flawless wall decor for intimate spaces such as the bedroom at home, for example. Imagine having this gorgeous sight on the walls in your sleeping area, it will definitely up the ambiance and mood. Other mythology connects the anemone to magical fairies, whom were believed to sleep under the petals after they closed at sunset. Young kids, especially girls, would be delighted at this notion. Stamen canvas prints are also very child-friendly and affable. You can use them to decorate your kid's bedroom, study area or even play pen. The many variations of colours play well with whatever decor you have already set up within the said space.
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