A twig or a stick is the dried-up branch of a tree or a bush. The buds on a twig are an essential identifying trait, just like the scars on leaves that have fallen off. The color, texRead moretures, and patterns on its bark are likewise just as telling, so are the thickness and the pith. There are two basic types of twigs, vegetative twigs, and fruiting spurs. The latter are distinct examples of twigs that commonly grow from the sides of branches and are stubby, with very slow growth. It also has many annular rings that show its age. Photowall pays tribute to this distinct part of a tree or bush with its own collection of twigs canvas prints. These images depict the different branches of flora that twigs originate from. Hang a few of these twigs canvas prints on the walls of your living room, and infuse the space with a natural and organic feel. Let your loved ones and guests gaze in stupefied awe at the beauty of these twigs canvas prints. They will thank you without end for your prudence in displaying these amazing twigs canvas prints in this common area. Make these twigs canvas prints a mainstay in your home.

Organic in twigs canvas prints

In the practice of psychology, a twig is an integral part of a series of tests meant to quantify a patient’s state of mind. A person whose twig drawing is colorful and loaded with many accouterments is said to have a healthy disposition and is full of hope for the future. While one whose drawings of a twig are bleak and withered is severely disturbed and carries a lot of serious issues. Photowall validates this prognosis with “Golden Birds”, “Blossom”, and “Divine Cherry Blossoms” in its admirable collection of twigs canvas prints. These brilliant images which burst with color are sure to uplift and revitalize the disposition of anyone lucky enough to behold them. Some primitive cultures even hold twigs as the standard for sexual potency. It is no coincidence that the twig, which is the branch of a plant, is the very element used to adorn many flower arrangements and bouquets in our present culture. Twigs can also mean reed-like or thin, as the word twiggy suggests. There is practically no wall or room in your home that cannot be brought to brilliant life by the wonderful twigs canvas prints.

Elemental in twigs canvas prints

In the ancient Japanese philosophy of Bushido, it is taught that once a warrior has achieved oneness with the universe, even a twig can be used as a weapon. A twig is also meant to signify growth and openness. They say that a drop of rain that has stuck to a twig is the most intoxicating nectar on Earth. In other cultures, a twig connotes the health of the plant and all that is connected to it. It is no wonder then that this elemental yet indispensable part of nature has come to mean different things in different cultures. Photowall broadens your understanding with “Birds heights-Pearly”, “Doux Blossom-Peach”, and “Nouvelle Chinoiserie-Emerald” in its fine line of twigs canvas prints. These images depict twigs in a more singular and meaningful light. Hang a few of these twigs canvas prints atop your bed, in your sleeping quarters, and feel as though you are closing your eyes in one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. Let these twigs canvas prints fill your dreams with images of green fields and open plains. These twigs canvas prints are a marvelous addition to the adornments in your home.

Distinct and notable

Photowall has made it easy as pie to acquire these twigs canvas prints into your home. At a price that is practically a steal, you can now secure for yourself and your family, something that would not be out of place in a modern botanical exhibition. Check out amazing pieces like “Brushwood-Emerald”, “Fairytale”, and “La Arbre” as an introduction to twigs canvas prints, something to simply whet your appetite. Then move on to more serious pieces like “Leopard Resting”, “Spring Border Cherry Blossom”, and “Tree Frog on a Sunflower” to round out your collection of twigs canvas prints. Create a family activity by letting everyone have a turn at positioning them in your home, and you have the perfect formula for an afternoon of fun and learning. Or invite your friends for an afternoon of tea and scones while you have lively discussions about the intricate dynamics of this specific part of a plant. The exchange of ideas and impressions will make you forget how quickly time will fly. There are even studies that show that people with anxiety disorders, upon viewing these twigs canvas prints, are soothed out of their depression and melancholy, and begin to relax and attain equilibrium once more. So grab some of these twigs canvas prints for your home today.
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