The Magnolia is a flower in the family Magnoliaceae, deriving its name from the French botanist Pierre Magnol. The existence of the plant itself is so ancient it precedes the emergencRead moree of the bee. It has been postulated that prior to the bee, the foremost pollinator of this flower was the beetle. Because of the damage to the flower posed by the beetle, the Magnolia has developed an evolutionary defense mechanism, making its carpels very tough. From the excavations of fossils, it has been determined that the Magnolia has been around for more than twenty million years. Photowall pays tribute to this beautiful and enduring flower with its own line of Magnolias canvas prints. These images depict this amazing flower in all its glorious color and grandeur. Hang a few of these Magnolias canvas prints in your living room to give the space a fresh and airy feel. These Magnolias canvas prints will lighten up the area and make it feel as though you’re sitting in a dewy country garden. Your family and friends will not only enjoy the bright colors and enchanting appeal of these images, but will actually be looking for ever more creative reasons to linger in your living room.

Vibrant in Magnolias canvas prints

Magnolias thrive in different regions of the world, from southeast Asia to North and South America. They are a spreading shrub that has fragrant, star-shaped blossoms. They range in colors from white, pink, purple, green, and yellow. Its flower petal formation is in the shape of a whorl, with three or more around each other. Photowall salutes this amazing gift of nature with “Magnolia Shades”, “Flourishing Magnolia-Natur”, and “Magnolia Flowers” in its wonderful collection of Magnolias canvas prints. These images showcase this remarkable flower in all its radiance and freshness as it abounds in nature. Hang a few of these Magnolias canvas prints in your lounging den and feel the unsurpassable and sublime relaxation that they provide. Sit with a cup of tea in your favorite lounge chair and simply gaze in admiration at these Magnolias canvas prints to ease away all the stress and tension of the day. Display several of these Magnolias canvas prints in your recreation room to make your grown-up playtime even more relaxed and invigorating. Watch your favorite films, play video games, and put on the old vinyl player to help you unwind with these Magnolias canvas prints.

Sublime in Magnolias canvas prints

The flowers of the Magnolia plant are bisexual, meaning they can reproduce as a male or female entity. Charles Plumier discovered this flower in the mid-1600s and named it after the famous French botanist Pierre Magnol. They bloom early in the spring before the leaves even open. Photowall lets you bask in the freshness with “Magnolia Chatoyer VI”, “Manhattan Magnolia”, “ and “Magnolia Memories” in its fine line of Magnolias canvas prints. These images show us the more common and celebrated types of this flower. Hang a few of these Magnolias canvas prints atop your bed, in your sleeping area, and feel as though you are falling asleep in a magical garden. Let your dreams be filled with color and glee with these Magnolias canvas prints above you. You may even want to display a few in your private study or mini-library to give the space an atmosphere of levity, and to eliminate the stiffness of the room. You can imagine you are Pierre Magnol himself, being honored by having this magnificent blossom named after you. The very visage of these Magnolias canvas prints in your home will inspire creativity and promote emotional well-being.

Fresh and natural

The Magnolia blossom is meant to symbolize nobility, perseverance, and a great love for nature. It also represents gentleness and the female side of all things. To be gifted with a bouquet of Magnolias is to be honored for one’s unwavering integrity and is a nod to the person’s constancy of character. Photowall honors you and your home with “Magnolia Sketch”, “White Magnolia”, and “Spring Magnolia” in its beautiful collection of Magnolias canvas prints. These images depict this fine flower as it blooms in its appointed season. Hang a few of these Magnolias canvas prints in your hallways and make the chore of traversing from room to room mimic the feeling of walking through a fresh garden after the spring rain. Display these Magnolias canvas prints in your dining room and instantly liven up dinner time. The conversations will be more lively and engaging. It should not be a surprise if the table talk would soon gravitate to these fine Magnolias canvas prints that are hanging on the walls. You may even choose to display these Magnolias canvas prints in the play nooks and sleeping areas of your kids. Watch as they gravitate in awe to these fine images.
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