There’s something about a sunflower that just immediately brings brightness and cheer into a room. It might be their bright colour, or the way that they hold their heads up, but a sunRead moreflower in even the dullest space will bring an immediate vitality to a room. Breathe some life into your room with a canvas print from our Sunflowers collection.


The great Vincent van Gogh was obsessed with sunflowers. He painted dozens of canvases featuring these bright, lively flowers, in dozens of different shades and configurations. In some circles, it is believed that he painted sunflowers to distract from his growing madness and depression – a symbol of life’s bright triumph during a dark time. Others say that he was excited and testing out new developments in pigment technology – even a few years earlier, he never would have been able to capture the brightness of sunflowers on canvas the way he did. Whatever his reasons, he painted them, and his Sunflowers series of paintings remain among his most famous. Bring the art of colour into your home with a canvas print of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers.


There’s nothing quite like a photograph for capturing the essence of a thing. Van Gogh’s best efforts couldn’t touch the true glory of a sunflower field in full bloom – the bright yellow leaves contrasting so beautifully against the black hearts and the green plants. The vibrant colours of a sunflower are a powerful message, even in the form of canvas prints. “Here I am,” they say. “Take me or leave me, I don’t care!” With their faces turned to the sun, living and growing, bright and beautiful as the sun for which they are named, sunflowers are a glorious, beautiful sight, and a field of them together, rustling and swaying in the wind, their golden heads nodding as though in serious discussion – there’s nothing in the world quite like it. Bring some of that brightness, some of that sheer attitude, into your own life by incorporating paintings from our Sunflowers range into your décor. Whether you go for the more realistic options, or the slightly dreamier ones, you will never regret bringing sunflowers into your home.
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