The poppy is most often recognized for its symbolism in remembering those who gave their lives during the war. It was first noted in the poem In Flanders Fields back in WW I. This is Read morebecause the poppy was one of the original flowers which soldiers saw growing in the earth of the soldier's graves in Flanders field. Other famous uses include silk, felt, or plastic poppies pinned to the lapel to remember those of all wars in November. Many countries in Europe and North America also follow the tradition. Poppy paintings have an allure, perhaps for their vibrant colours, or because they are a wildflower and may help you remember fields and experiences of youth. The poppy is a member of the Papaveraceae family of plants. One of the more notable species is the Papaver somniferum which is where the drug opium originates. Poppy seeds are edible and sometimes feature in aptly named Poppy Seed Cake or loaf. Eating poppy seeds is said to relieve pain. A canvas print of a poppy in one's kitchen can add a touch of nature. Poppies symbolize many different things. For instance, sleep and peace in dream interpretation. In Greek and Roman myths poppies were used to honour the dead and were etched on tombstones as a reminder of eternal sleep. One movie which had a poppy field was The Wizard of Oz. Poppy canvas prints may depict a number of silhouettes, profiles, and settings for the poppy plant. The California poppy or Eschscholzia californica is also the state flower of California. If you look at the Republic of Macedonia coat of arms, you will see the poppy. Also, from 1996 to 2003, the Macedonian 500-denar banknote had a poppy. The world's first coloured circulation coin was the 2004 Canadian Poppy quarter. Create your own wall scene with a few poppy canvas prints. A painting of intertwined poppies can set a soft note of romance on the wall. With names such as Velvety Barley, Poppies Field, Sea of Poppies, and Scarlett Field, the paintings are a striking addition to any wall. Poppy prints come in different colours, there are white poppies on canvas print with antlers, yellow and green poppies. A painting of a field of poppies in a pattern just might be what you have been looking for.

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