Daisies are among the most cheerful of flowers. One of the most common European species is the Bellis perennis, while there are several plants named daisy including the English daisy.Read more Other names used in the past include bruisewort or woundwort. The Bellis perennis is now found in the Americas and Australasia too. The more common daisy colours include white, pink, and yellow. Find canvas prints of abstract green daisies, brilliant yellow, and even reddish-brown daisies. A painting of a distinct daisy or pattern canvas print is available in a number of sizes.

Not just a pretty flower

There are some who use the daisy as an edible food source as well as for herbal medicine. The younger leaves of the daisy go well raw or cooked in salads; flower buds and petals are sometimes used (raw) in sandwiches, soups, and salads. Daisy teas might help add vitamins to the human body. The most common daisy was used in ancient Rome by the sackful. The juice was extracted, and used as a wet astringent salve in bandages. Canvas prints include a heart of daisies designed to melt the heart, daisies with various coloured butterflies, white daisies reaching for the sun, and patchwork patterns of daisies. Daisy paintings add a natural quality to any room or decor scheme. Try a close up painting of a daisy and ponder the water droplets on its petals as a sort of morning meditation. A daisy canvas print adds cheer wherever it is hung. It is interesting to note that daisies are a vascular plant type, which is one of the biggest families of plants. They are called this because their nutrients and water circulate through the plant much as we have a vascular system in our bodies. Not just in one of the biggest families, the daisy is a symbol of innocence and purity. They are a hardy plant which can even reach weed proportions if not controlled in a garden. Bees of all types are attracted to the gentle daisy and its relatives. Honey making bees are especially drawn to the daisy. Enjoy the cheerful flower which is the daisy when you hang it on the wall and feel yourself relax.

Bringing an essence of nature to your interior

Nature has a unique beauty that relaxes and refreshes like few other things can. As such, there are are different ways on how to incorporate a touch of nature to your home so that home dwellers can enjoy it all-year-round. In addition to its wonderful appearance, experts say that incorporating natural environment and images of nature can help improve happiness and well-being. This simply means that both mind and body can benefit from them. It has been observed that in addition to the aesthetic qualities, images of nature can decrease stress, depression and levels of anxiety. These wall murals can be very timely for today’s nature of living. So never hesitate to add a touch of nature to your home. After all, you and your family members will be the ones to benefit from them.
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