Tropical Trees

There is nothing as romantic as a painting of a palm tree on a beach, with the sun setting behind it. Conjuring up feelings of love, peace, beauty and fruit cocktails with tiny umbrelRead morelas, there is no better way to sooth rattled nerves or to unwind after a hard day at the office. This extensive collection of canvas prints features all these calming images of tropical trees, and you will be instantly transported to a secluded, sunny archipelago. The trees, as their name suggests, are mainly grown in the tropics or subtropical areas, although some have been found in colder, but frost-free regions, in New Zealand.

Palm Trees

All of these trees have many uses beyond the framing of sunsets. The palm produces coconuts, which are sold in massive quantities to produce a huge range of products including the milk and the oil. For the health conscious masses, they are a great replacement for their unhealthier counterparts and are in unprecedented demand. The leaves are used in many diverse cuisines to wrap meat and fish to cook in, but also for weaving baskets and matting.


The bamboo paintings are both modern and aesthetically pleasing. The range of full colour, sepia and black and white images will easily complement both subdued and bright décor. Bamboo is also a very versatile product and is extremely fast-growing, thus completely sustainable. In Asia, bamboo shoots feature in many foods and the actual tree is also frequently used as scaffolding in the building industry. With the world’s forests rapidly being depleted, bamboo is now commonly used for flooring, decking and countertops, being compressed to look and feel like hardwood.

Perfume trees

The Ylang-Ylang tree, native to Jave and Malaysia, is known as the Chanel No. 5 Perfume Tree, as its famous blossoms contribute to the aroma. Its closest rival is the Michelia Champaca, native to India, which has been renamed after Joy Perfume. Abstract canvas prints of bamboo and palm trees also feature in the comprehensive selection. This form of modernity is extremely popular with the younger set.
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