Beech Trees

One of our most popular categories in trees is Beech trees canvas prints. This kind of tree is often considered the queen of British trees because it provides important food and homesRead more for lots of species. Belonging to the family Fagaceae, the Beech's bark is often home to a variety of fungi and mosses, while its seeds are eaten by mice, squirrels and birds. You will see in Beech trees canvas prints why the scientific name for the European beech is Fagus sylvatica. Fagus is the Latin name which means "a kind of oak", and the epithet sylvatica means "growing in the woods". Furthermore, you will also bear witness in Beech trees canvas prints that these beauties can grow up to 40 meters and their lifespan can exceed 300 years! It is therefore no wonder that they are associated with wisdom, as a long time ago, students kept a piece of bark in order to succeed in their studies. Perhaps Beech trees canvas prints can do the same for you in a different form.

Effect of Beech trees canvas prints

Since these amazing things, which are technically elongated plants, also help to keep our air clean and our ecosystems healthy, it makes sense to place on in your home. However, not everyone has enough space to plant a tree in their domicile, but fret no more since our excellent Beech trees canvas prints assortment gives you the option of still having that revitalizing feel albeit in a different form. It will help you breathe and give you a renewed appreciation for nature, life and the immediate environment, perhaps even stirring your sense of adventure and going out into the wilderness. Recreate this spectacle of nature and feel like you are walking through one of them with Beech trees canvas prints. Did you know that in the Middle Ages it was known as the tree of the fairies? This will also make it appealing for young children to have in their respective spaces.

Many seasons

Whether residential, recreational or commercial, you can decorate your interior with a world full of different colours by using Beech trees canvas prints. Just look at your surroundings and you will see the beauty colours lend to our planet, making us happy and satisfied visually and emotionally. Replicate this emotion with Photowall's selection of Beech trees canvas prints. Nature's cycle is one of the best gifts to us, not just in terms of enjoying the view, but also because it gives us variety in temperature and other natural phenomenon. Even if you are not an outdoorsy type of person, Beech trees canvas prints will definitely create a positive, vibrant and relaxing atmosphere in your interiors. Enjoy the spring vibes with items like "Green Forest Sunlight" or bask in the beauty of the fall in "Forest in Autumn".

Artistry of Beech trees canvas prints

We humans do not just love trees for their practical uses but also because they possess that natural flair. Trees can be very beautiful, tall enough as if they seem to touch the sky and so big around that you can't even hug them. A litany of artists, both professional and amateur, have painted pictures of trees and thousands of poems, songs and stories have been dedicated about them. Gorgeous Beech trees canvas prints can have that same impact that almost everyone of us has felt at some point, which simply stopping to enjoy the beauty of a tree. As a matter of fact, Beech trees canvas prints will remind you of pop culture staples like TV series Game of Thrones. An avenue of ancient Beech trees known as "The Dark Hedges" is one of the most photographed spots in Northern Ireland and was featured as the Kings Road in the said program.
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