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Oak Trees

The following subject is one of the oldest and most widely spread trees on this planet, having existed way before humans were here! Photowall's oak trees canvas prints will show you dRead moreifferent aspects to this true natural giant, not just in terms of physicality but also history and functionality. Did you know, for example, that the earliest humans built their homes, created tools and constructed strong ships from the oak wood? Oak trees canvas prints are proof that not only do these trees feed various living creatures with their leaves and acorns, but they also played a crucial role in human history. In this category of oak trees canvas prints, you will see how these images can grace the look of forested areas as well as open fields in the countryside. Decorate your house, hangout or even the office with a creatively designed oak trees canvas print that illustrates their awesome appearance. The sights of the vast canopies, the hanging plants and various birds and mammals that inhabit oaks just complement the incredible look of this oak trees canvas prints tier.

Basic information in oak trees canvas prints

As previously mentioned, oak trees are important for a number of reasons. The oak tree belongs to the Quercus genus tree species which has up to 800 species all over the world, especially in the Northern hemisphere where they are native. You will see this in many of our oak trees canvas prints. Oak trees support a complex ecosystem with many species, including humans. This specific tree comes with multiple uses like the boiled bark for its therapeutic properties, the fruit (acorn) is used to feed livestock and meadows of oaks are a refuge for many animal species. As you will see in oak trees canvas prints, it also has artistic functions. The shape of the blade is very characteristic, and is found in badges, coins and medals in many different cultures. As you can tell by now, oak trees canvas prints do not just look pretty, but they also hold a great significance and context.

A strong symbol

The oak tree is one of the most beloved trees in the world and a symbol of strength, morale, resistance and knowledge. Throughout history, the oak has been represented in different mythologies and sometimes linked to powerful gods. You can certainly tell why when you glimpse these majestic oak trees canvas prints. In Greek mythology, for example, the tree was a symbol of Zeus, the God of Thunder. The oak is considered a cosmic storehouse of wisdom embodied in its towering strength. Transmit this erudition by getting yourself some wonderful oak trees canvas prints. Let the style and sophistication grow slowly but surely, just like the tree itself. Another vital factor to this tree is that they are known to easily surpass 300 years of age, making it a powerful life-affirming symbol. Oak trees canvas prints can do the same for you, where you can pass on this gorgeous views from one generation to another.

Variety in oak trees canvas prints

The seasons we experience definitely affect the way we think and behave. This is why you cannot go wrong with oak trees canvas prints by Photowall. Views of autumn, spring, summer and winter not only make the interior look more attractive, but also help us think of what we can do or what we can add to successfully achieve our design goal. The colour schemes that you are going to use are one of the most important aspects to consider when revamping a space. Whether you are going to decorate your home, workspace or recreational area, the right oak trees canvas prints will transform the total appearance of your room. From gorgeous works of art to stunningly beautiful photographs of nature, oak trees canvas prints will create the room ambiance and aesthetic that you have been longing for.
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