Bamboo is a flowering plant which is an evergreen and also considered a grass. It is said to bring good luck and wealth to those who keep it around as a live plant. Bamboo can be amonRead moreg the fastest growing plants in the world, while other types of bamboo take longer to rise up from the earth. It is native to South Asia, Southeast Asia, and East Asia. If you enjoy mythology and symbolism, order a bamboo canvas print to remind you of your favourite tales.

A meaningful plant

In China the bamboo represents upright and trustworthiness. It is also one of the four plants which represent the four seasons to the Chinese people. For people in India, the bamboo means friendship. Over in Africa (West Africa) the Bozo group are named from the phrase "bo so" which means bamboo house. In St. Lucia, bamboo is the national plant. To Buddhists, bamboo has been an important source of protein in their vegan diet. To this day, many shrines and temples feature bamboo groves. Check out the canvas prints of bamboo plants such as bamboo textures, patterns, and prints. There are also bamboo paintings of whimsical and abstract aspects of the bamboo plant, for instance, the Zen bamboo canvas print offers the chance to unwind and feel at peace with this symbol of peace. Bamboo forests, photographs of bamboo, and bamboo shoots in multiple shades and colours stand out from the canvas of the painting. For a jungle or forest themed room; a bamboo painting may be the finishing touch you have been in search of. Furniture can be made from bamboo, from simple things such as a brush or pen holder to the more detailed work such as scaffolding, fences, gutters, gates, chairs, tables, benches, bed frames and more. While the bamboo plant may blend in with other jungle scenery, it is an excellent source of textile material too. The same plant which can be used as scaffolding can also create incredibly soft, breathable, and antibacterial resistant clothing and linens. If you cannot travel to see live bamboo, hang some canvas prints of bamboo in the home to inspire and encourage you. If you have already seen live bamboo, the pictures may serve as a long-lasting memory of a holiday you once enjoyed.
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