Washington, named after President George Washington, became the 42nd state in the Union in 1898. It is the most north-western state of the United States and is part of the Pacific NorRead morethwest region, which includes Oregon. The Cascade Mountain range, named after its countless tumbling waterfalls, has a series of volcanoes and 300 glaciers and is often dubbed the American Alps. Although all of the volcanoes are considered active, Mount St Helens is the only one erupting at present, with the last eruption in March 1980. Mount Rainer at 4,392 metres, pictured as a modernistic oil painting, is in a self-named national park. There are many spectacular walking trails, and you can see yourself wending your way up hill and down dale, hiking through the Alpine Forest. The glorious canvas print of Seattle and across the bay to Mount Rainier with its snowy peaks as a backdrop transports your imagination right there.

Wet and Dry

With the Cascades splitting the state into two, the residents call the West Side the wet side, and the East Side the dry side. The West Side is the coastal region with a temperate rain forest but the East Side of the mountains has much a much drier climate, with arid deserts and semi-arid steppes. Washington has a booming wine culture based on the East Side. The 2nd biggest producer in the US after California, it has its own issues as rainfall is not that heavy, making irrigation and water rights supremely important.


A west coast seaport, Seattle is the largest city in both Washington and the Pacific Northwest region of the US and is the seat of King County. The futuristic, psychedelic canvas print captures the essence of this modern city. It is located in the Pacific Ring of Fire, so is in a major earthquake zone. In 2001 a 6.8 magnitude ‘quake rocked the city and did significant damage to buildings. The climate is classified as temperate marine, with cold and wet winters and warm, dryish summers. A spectacular city, the canvas prints featured are all picturesque cityscapes of an impressive skyline dominated by the Space Needle, with awe-inspiring views across the bay. Seattle is home to several influential bands, such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam, but its most famous son has to be the iconic Jimi Hendrix. It was put on the map worldwide by the hugely popular TV series Grey’s Anatomy.
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