Mississippi is a state in the Southern part of the United States. Its state capital is the city of Jackson. It is also its biggest city. It has Tennessee to the North, Alabama to the Read moreEast, the Gulf of Mexico to the South, and Louisiana to the Southwest. Its western regions are bordered by the banks of the mighty Mississippi River. Greater Jackson is the hub of Mississippi’s Metropolitan Area, and also the center of business and commerce. Photowall pays tribute to this fine southern state with its own collection of Mississippi canvas prints. These amazing images depict this great state and the places in it that have become a favorite of tourists and its natives. Hang a few of these Mississippi canvas prints on the walls of your living room and fill the space with a homely and traditional southern vibe. Let your loved ones and guests marvel at the magnificence of these wonderful Mississippi canvas prints. They will admire you for having the prudence to display these amazing images in this area. Observe as they refuse to leave this room with all these Mississippi canvas prints all around them. There will never be a wall or room in your home that these Mississippi canvas prints cannot bring to life.

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Mississippi joined the Union to become part of the United States on December 10, 1817. By the year 1860, this state had become the highest-grosser of profits for the entire country with its two most lucrative products: cotton and slaves. It then seceded from the Union on March 23, 1861, and became one of the original seven Confederate States. After the Confederacy lost to the North in the American Civil War, Mississippi rejoined the Union in 1870. Photowall lets you in on the history with “Jackson Mississippi Skyline Black”, “Jackson Mississippi Skyline”, and “Mississippi Queen” in its wonderful collection of Mississippi canvas prints. These images showcase this fine state as it is recognized by most of the world. Hang a few of these Mississippi canvas prints in your recreation room and let the wily and carefree spirit of the south permeate its walls. Your grown-up playtime will never feel more thrilling than with these Mississippi canvas prints on the walls. You may even wish to hang these Mississippi canvas prints in your hallways to give this neglected space a much-needed boost of color and life.

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Mississippi has also gained some notoriety because of some events that happened within its borders during the civil rights struggles in the 60s. The assassination of the outspoken African-American civil rights leader Medgar Evers is an event that will forever mar the reputation of this fine state. As well as the Freedom Summer Murders of 1964, wherein two white and one black young men, who were in Clanton to supervise voter registration among the black community, were murdered and thrown into the swamp, only to be found a few weeks later by agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The Ole Miss riots of 1962 also left an indelible mark on the racial orientations of this state, when white students rallied in protest of the integration of schools. Photowall gives you a bit of the good and the bad with these Mississippi canvas prints. Hang a few of these Mississippi canvas prints in your private study or mini-library, and imagine you are a brave civil rights leader, championing the rights of the racially oppressed. These Mississippi canvas prints can serve as a stark reminder that tolerance is always a virtue that can keep society from falling apart.

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In the classic American novels of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, written by the author Mark Twain, Tom and Huck have several adventures while rafting the length of the Mississippi River. They come across issues of racial discrimination, slavery, greed, foul play, and several other scenarios that have made this tale a beloved American classic. Photowall tips its hat off to the state where the mighty Mississippi river makes its home with these Mississippi canvas prints. Hang a few of the Mississippi canvas prints in your dining room and feel as though you are having dinner in one of the stately plantation mansions of the south. Watch as the conversation gravitates to these fine Mississippi canvas prints. These images can inspire arguments covering a wide range of issues. You may also wish to display these Mississippi canvas prints in the sleeping areas and play nooks of your children. Not only do these images provide striking beauty, but they will also help you educate your kids about the pitfalls of intolerance and teach them a healthy respect for other races. Let these Mississippi canvas prints be a mainstay in your home.
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