Tiger Cubs

The tiger is not just largest big cat in the world but also arguably the most recognizable after lions. On average, this animal weighs 200 kilograms, which is about the same as 3 reguRead morelar-sized adults! However, even the biggest have to start somewhere small, which is why we have put together a tiger cubs canvas prints section. The rich details, beautiful colour schemes and unique designs are guaranteed to delight and entice you. Tiger cubs canvas prints by Photowall are very affable and child-friendly, making them the ideal focal point for your kid's bedroom, play pen or study area. It is not only for the kids though, as tiger cubs canvas prints can also be a stunning wall decor in your workplace or recreational spot. Your family, friends, colleagues and visitors will surely appreciate the beauty, grace and themes in these our motifs. As per usual, you can adjust your tiger cubs canvas prints to complement your existing design and any other decorative elements planned.

Great depth

You cannot deny the majestic beauty of the tiger and the power it represents, which is also the reason why it has always been present in many cultures and religions. Various Coat of Arms around the world include the image of this big cat because it is a symbol of strength, loyalty and survival. Even in the early stages of their development, as seen in tiger cubs canvas prints, you can already feel those traits shining through. Although some of the species of tigers are already extinct, they continue to be a part of our popular culture. For example, the Balinese Tiger that became extinct in 1937 is still highly connected to the religion of Hinduism. The lasting effect of these creatures can also be translated to using tiger cubs canvas prints. Tiger cubs canvas prints will definitely leave a lasting and memorable impression on anyone who sets foot in your newly decorated interior.

Tiger cubs canvas prints samples

Another interesting facet to their trademark fur is that they tiger's stripes are special to each individual, and their tails help them to keep their balance. These wonderfully natural marks are one of the best characteristics present in tiger cubs canvas prints. You should know, however, that these cubs are actually born blind and only follow the scent of their mother. These big cats and their young ones also version enjoy spending time in the water, unlike most of their domestic counterparts. Furthermore, as you will see in tiger cubs canvas prints by Photowall, they are one of the more caring species of big cats. It is often seen in the wild that male tigers allow the female and cubs to eat first!

Things to know

A female tiger will give birth to a litter of three to four cubs, whom she will care for until they are a year-and-a-half old. Did you know that these cubs quadruple in size during their first month alone? "Baby Tiger" is an extremely cute tiger cubs canvas print that shows the animal in its earliest stages. Their massive growth spurt is also due to the fact that tigers have been known to eat up to 25 kilograms of meat in one night, but more often they consume about 5 kilograms during a meal. No wonder the little ones grow up so fast! In tiger cubs canvas prints like "Play Fighting Cubs" you will already see the result of this big appetite. Sometimes it even takes days for a tiger to finish eating what it has killed. The cat eats until it is full, and then covers the carcass with leaves and dirt, coming back later to feed some more. This is also enabled by tigers living far apart from each other. A tiger knows if it is in another tiger’s territory based on the trees around him since each of them marks the trees in their respective area with urine and special scratches. As you can see, not only are tiger cubs canvas prints beautiful to look at, but also educational.
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