Rabbits & Rodents

Rabbits and Rodents are one of those small, cute, and furry mammals. They’re undeniably adorable and we can’t do anything about it. Wall murals containing cute looking animals are perRead morefectly fit for your little girl’s bedroom or even the nursery. A wallpaper that can shift the room’s mood to a more vibrant, cute, calm, solemn, and jolly vibe from the usual plain room. It’ll surely bring excitement and brighten up the mood of anyone who’ll be entering the room.

Toddlers’, Little Girls’, and Family’s Preference

It is undeniable that most of us love cute things. These cute Rabbits & Rodents make a perfect wallpaper for our kids. If adults love cute things, what more when kids encounter a cute, and adorably fluffy rabbits? The wall murals are highly recommended in the kid’s bedroom. Since Rabbits symbolize delight, they’ll surely be delighted to see these cute mammals displayed on their walls. Calm colors bring more solemn and fun feel to the room. It’s not irritating to the eyes because it does not contain bright colors that may not be suitable for a kid’s room. A combination of pink, white, and light purple compliments the meaningful symbolism of these fluffy cuties. Aside from that, little girls do love those colors. It gives-off a vibe of youth and innocence that reflects the person using it. Most parents prefer harmless things for their kids. Wall murals are a perfect match for all because aside from it being more efficient than paint, they are completely safe and harmless. Rabbits or Rodents with soft-looking fur inside a white and purple overall background might be more of your little girl’s preference. If not, maybe the combination of peach, white, and purple might compliment your toddler’s cute character. There are a lot of varieties to choose from. You can also choose from the simple and eye-soothing rabbit, that’s perfect for dark themed or painted rooms, to the cute-looking Ferrets gazing into the distance.

Symbolistic Murals

Rabbits and Rodents are not limited to just being small and cute animals. They both hold deeper meaning to them. These meanings will make these murals more appropriate for your little one’s room. Rabbits aside from being cute, also hold a lot of symbolisms. Some of these symbolisms are love, luck, innocence, family, growth, and harmony. Love and family are surely suitable symbols for the room of your kids. Innocence states how little girls or kids are when at their age. Rabbits also symbolize harmony which constitutes to having a harmonious and peaceful good night’s sleep. Rodents also have a deeper meaning. Rodents are a symbol of good luck. In Shamanic traditions, Rats mean security and survival. Rodents can be a great partner for survival because of their strong immunity to diseases and toxins which can also be interpreted as having good health. These cute mammals does not only give-off cute ambience perfect for the vibe that most kids like. They also have underlying meanings that will bring awe to the people viewing them. Knowing the meanings of these cute mammals have made our hearts at ease when putting our toddlers and little girls to sleep.
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