Perhaps one of the most iconic animal images that you could use to adorn your home, the often secretive world of the tiger is truly captured in some of our stunning canvas prints. TheRead more predator that is most associated with India and the rest of Asia, the tiger was once described as 'burning bright' and revered for its 'fearsome symmetry' by poets like Blake. In the great images on offer, such vibrant colours as gold, black, orange and red are brought together in absolutely stunning combinations which show off the true majesty of this beautiful creature.

The Tiger in Paintings

Perhaps one of the most visually stunning mammals on the planet, largely due to its piercing eyes and dramatically striped coat, the tiger is perfect material for depiction in the form of a painting. Take a look at our Temple Lake Tigers or Hidden Images – Tigers as perfect examples of these large cats in family groups. Painted with a high level of skill, these pictures are full of detail and feature tigers in their natural surroundings. In addition, White Tiger Clan, another wonderfully arranged painting, shows of the world-famous Siberian tiger with its distinctive coat relaxing by a stream with cubs in the foreground. Other painted images, like Tiger Sanctuary and Tiger in a Tropical Storm by Henri Rousseau, create multi-coloured palettes which mean that images of tigers can be found in a variety of hues making them suited to any interior décor you happen to have already.

The Natural Beauty of the Tiger

Well-known for its predatory skill in hunting down by stealth, the tiger is nevertheless king of all it surveys and this quality is best captured in the animal's face, in particular its far-seeing eyes. Sometimes even seeming to hold its human spectator within its gaze, the glorious eyes of the tiger are superbly captured in canvas print form. Look for photographs such as Eye of the Tiger or King of the Mountain for simply stunning portraits of these cats. Tiger Chief, a stylised version of the animal, also has a natural feel to it when you look into the cat's eyes which stare unyieldingly back. Of course, the natural beauty of large cats is often captured best by photographers, when they are at rest. For great instances of tigers in their most serene states, check out canvas prints like Don't make a Fuss, a superb monochrome image, or the simply titled Tiger, a canvas print rendered in full colour.
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