Jungle Animals

Bring a fantasy world into your home with a canvas print from our Jungle Animals collection. These images bring to life the power and the mystery of the vast and trackless jungles andRead more savannahs, where the world’s most powerful predators lounge at ease. From the mighty lion to the gentle elephant, these beautiful images will bring a touch of the exotic into even the plainest room.


Throughout most of history, the lion has been a symbol of power. Majestic yet always relaxed, mighty-maned or sleek, the lion has always been a symbol of kingship, of glory. Later on, of course, we learned that the male lion is in fact rather lazy, and is quite content to let the lionesses do all the work, but the image it projects – calm and confident, ruler of all it surveys – has not changed because of what humans have now learned. Bring that calm majesty home in the form of canvas prints from our Jungle Animals range.


Brutal as their appearance may be, the mighty gorillas of Africa can really be considered gentle giants in truth. Living off vegetables and bugs, these massive apes are truly gentle creatures, living in large family groups to take care of their young who, just like human children, take some years to become self-sufficient. Gentle and trusting as they are, they have been hunted near to extinction and, in a few years, these images may be all that remains of one of Nature’s most splendid races. Help their memory to remain with a painting from us.


Elephants, so the story goes, never forget. In ten months or ten years, they will remember a slight and a favour as well as any human. They mourn their dead and will rally to the defence of their young. They are the most human of animals, and they are also fearsome when roused. The sound of elephants walking has been called a thunder on the ground; fearsome, implacable, and absolutely terrifying to anyone in its path – but elephants have never been recorded as randomly attacking humans. These beautiful gentle giants have also been hunted nearly to extinction for the ivory of their tusks. Preserve their memory with a canvas print.


We’ve all seen those people who seem to have the ability to get comfortable absolutely anywhere. On a wall, on a floor, in a tree – it doesn’t matter to them. Well, the leopard is the animal kingdom’s answer to that, because until you’ve seen a leopard calmly eyeing you from the top of a tree you could have sworn wouldn’t hold the weight of the most emaciated monkey, you haven’t seen true relaxation. A leopard in the savannah is basically invisible, but a leopard in a tree is king of all he surveys. Out of reach of most of his competitors, he is free to hang out, relaxed and taking in the view, for as long as he wants. If lions are the kings of the animal realm, leopards are the Machiavelli – seeing all, hearing all, and acting only when they feel like it. A canvas print from our Jungle Animals collection can bring that same sense of calm into your home.


The tiger is not the world’s fastest animal, but it may be among the most ferocious. In India, the tiger is the symbol of the warrior, the assassin, and the killer without remorse. These beautiful, elegant animals are hunters so accomplished that it has been said that the first sign of a tiger on your trail is your arrival in the afterlife. They are also more likely than other of the big cats to become man-eaters, though they usually only turn to that in desperation – the Tiger of Champawat, for example, had several badly broken teeth, which would have prevented her taking prey stronger than humans. Despite their dangerous nature, however, tigers are among the most beautiful animals in the animal kingdom. Graceful and noble-looking, their eyes seem to stare at you from pictures, hypnotic with their golden depths. Bring the danger and beauty of the tiger home with a canvas print.


With canvas prints from our Jungle Animals collection, you can bring the tranquillity of the deep jungles into any room. Select your favourite from among the group pictures showing the many animals of the jungle in harmony and fill your home with the feeling of serenity.
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